life lately #4

April 1, 2018 No comments

life lately |
Hello everyone, and happy Easter! Apologies for being away for a whole month. Life has been... busy. As some of you may know, I recently started getting into journaling and watercolor painting. I've been enjoying them more than I expected, so I haven't been able to focus on anything else. I haven't even been posting on Instagram. But I've been taking photos the whole time. Unfortunately, this led to photos piling up on my phone, and I became a bit confused as to how I was going to post them. (If it's from November, it doesn't exactly count as "life lately", does it?)

And so, I decided to move a few things around. From now on, posts tagged with 'life lately' will be more like occasional life updates. Kind of like Taking Stock and The Sunday Currently. All monthly stories will go under the 'photodiary' tag. You'll also find all the posts previously tagged with 'life lately' there. Hope this makes everything more organized somehow! Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with this update!✨

current favorites #2

March 1, 2018 No comments

current favorites |
Just a quick rundown of my favorite things from January and February—skincare, makeup, movies, music, etc! ✨

product empties : 2nd half of year 2017

January 30, 2018 No comments

product empties - 2nd half of year 2017 |
Hey everyone, hope you're all having a good year so far! :) Recently I've been spending most of my free time KonMari-ing, so January went by super quickly for me. In the middle of tidying everything, I realized that I still had my pile of product empties sitting in a corner of our closet. I know I'm still not done with the clothes category, and that I should stick to the proper order of things. But I thought I should do the product empties post as soon as possible, so I can go ahead and chuck everything out. And so here it is – my product empties for the latter half of 2017!✨

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