project 365 : days 181 - 199

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project 365 |

🍁 Eiga Sai with friends 🍁

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Eiga Sai with friends |

4x4 Instagram favorites : slow living

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project 365 : days 162 - 180

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🌸 Saturdate with Cindy 🌸

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Saturdate with Cindy |
I met Cindy around two years ago, at the Beyond The Cutest Dreams book launch. We were introduced by Sachi, I think. I don't quite remember. But I do remember thinking she was really cute.... because I like cute girls. Fast forward to 2016. We've become a bit closer through talking online, over Twitter and such. We found out that we were both from the South, so we often talked about meeting up. But time went by and we didn't get to meet that year at all, lol. This time though, after more than a year, our schedules finally matched so we got to meet up and have our date. We even wore matchy outfits for the occasion 💕

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