life lately # 7

October 12, 2018 No comments

life lately |
Hey there, Internet friends! I'm back after a month-long break from blogging. A lot has happened in the time that I was gone, so I have a ton of stuff I want to write about. But first, here's a quick life update 💜

review : Princess Pinky Gemini Day Green Lens

September 15, 2018 No comments

Princess Pinky Gemini Day Green |
Back with another contact lens review after so long! This time I'm reviewing the Princess Pinky Gemini Day Green Lens* from PinkyParadise. These are Monthly (30-Day Disposable) Lenses from their in-house brand. I've actually had this pair since last year, but I only got to open them recently. I wish I'd tried them sooner, because these lenses are SUPER pretty!

current makeup menu #1

August 22, 2018 No comments

current makeup menu |
Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last wrote about makeup, so I thought I'd try something new this time. I got the idea of doing a 'current makeup menu' post from sleep and water. I liked the idea of showing what products I've been using a lot vs doing monthly favorites posts, since I'm not really the type to have a new favorite thing every month. I like to stick to the same thing unless I get bored of it or if it stops working well. That's how it is for a lot of things, makeup included. That said, these are the products I've constantly been reaching for recently.

February 2018

August 11, 2018 No comments

February 2018 photodiary |
Some highlights from the month of February. 🐱
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