February Komiket 2019

March 24, 2019

Or, more accurately, what I ate at February Komiket 2019 _(:3 」∠)_ I only realized as I was editing photos from the event that I mostly took photos of what I ate during those two days, lol. Sorry!

February Komiket 2019 | chainyan.co

January 2019

March 22, 2019

One of the things I wanted to work on this year, blogging-wise, was to be able to write about things as soon as they happened. Or at the very least, write about them while they're still somewhat fresh in my memory. And so, I decided to skip my 2018 photodiary backlog (April-December) for now, and start working on.............my 2019 photodiary backlog hahahaha _(:3 」∠)_

January 2019 | chainyan.co
I spent most of the first week of January meeting with family and friends who were in the country for the holidays. I usually don't leave the house unless I need to, so all the moving from place to place really took a toll on me. After everything my body just kind of gave in to the fatigue that had been building up from December (I attended 2 weddings, flew to Malaysia and back, attended a bunch of holiday gatherings right after). I got sick some time after that. I spent most of the time taking it easy, cuddling with the kids, just binging stuff on Netflix, and doing some journaling in between. I managed to churn out 4 blogposts though! Maybe I'm able to think more clearly when I'm sick? Haha. Here's what January looked like, through my phone (as usual).
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