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Hellooo, is anyone still here? Do people even read blogs these days, still? I wonder. I've thought about moving a few times. To Instagram, or even to Youtube if I'm feeling courageous. But as I thought, writing everything in long-form feels the best for me. I like to think of blogs as modern commonplace books that you only really write for yourself. I guess if one or two people read and find whatever I write interesting, that would be enough. To you, who's still here reading this, thanks for sticking around ♡

Before anything else, I'm happy to announce that the blog got a little makeover! I've been wanting to change things up for some time now, so I finally bit the bullet. I'm actually excited to write more now! Kind of like when you get a brand new journal at the start of the year, hehe! That said, it really has been A While since I wrote anything on here, so I thought I'd start with a few major life updates.

life lately | life lately |
🌼Life lately (real)
This is somewhat old news, but we bought a car! (I say "we", but technically, Aian bought one. I helped get us a good deal though, so...hehe.) It's a 2022 Toyota Vios. Black, of course, because it's Aian's. I don't think I've ever mentioned this in my socials, because Aian's not the type that likes to talk about stuff like this, but it was pretty crazy! He learned how to drive right at the start of 2022, got his license after a month, and then bought the car mid-March. It all happened so fast! We talk about our plans for the future from time to time, but getting a car was never mentioned at any point. We only started talking about getting one after we had to constantly ask other people to take us to the vet. Plus it was getting harder and harder to deal with Grab, so getting a car sort of became a necessity. I just wasn't expecting to get one so soon! What's funny is that ever since getting the car, Aian's been constantly wanting to go somewhere. There was this one time we went to Makati two consecutive days, just because he wanted to! I always thought he was a homebody like me but apparently his four (!!!) Sagittarius placements say otherwise _ :(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

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This will definitely come as a surprise to everyone (or at least, everyone not following me on Instagram or Twitter), but Aian and I are expecting a child later this year. I know I've always stated that I didn't want to have kids, but trust me when I say that no one was more surprised than Aian and myself, especially because we both only found out about it when I was already 15 weeks along. (I have SO MUCH I want to say about how insane the whole situation was, but that's a story for another time.) We were pretty much set on growing old together, just the two of us, with our cats as our children. But, well, that's just how life is, I guess. I think I'm still at a point where I'm trying to come to terms with everything. Honestly sometimes I wake up and forget that I'm pregnant, only to be reminded by the little life that's growing and moving around in my belly. Thinking about how unpredictable the future is just makes me super anxious, but I also can't deny that I'm a tiiiny bit excited. (Is it because I'm a Cancer rising? Maybe.)

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Lastly, the update that I was dreading to talk about. Lengleng, our baby trash panda, passed away last month due to kidney failure. He was diagnosed with kidney stones in late May, and after almost a month of going in and out of the vet, he left for kitty heaven on the evening of June 14th. I don't think I have anything else to say other than Aian and I are extremely heartbroken about his passing. He was my baby, my goodest boy. He was only 6, too. We've always heard horror stories of kidney diseases in cats, but we only really felt the gravity of it all when it happened to Lengleng. Everything happened so fast. During the last couple of weeks in May he was still acting like himself, which made us believe that he would recover eventually, but he suddenly relapsed and things just went downhill after that. My biggest regrets are 1) that we didn't find out about his condition earlier, and 2) that we weren't there when he passed (he was confined at the vet clinic at the time). But I've already said my goodbyes, and while it's hard to accept, I know that life goes on. I take comfort in the fact that he's in a much better place now, free from all the pain. If there really is a kitty heaven, I just know he's up there with our baby Buchi, having Churu and fried tilapia anytime he wants.

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There's been a sort of shoujo renaissance happening this year, with all the new releases and anime adaptations, and it's honestly so exciting! I left the genre a long time ago because all the stories got either really boring and/or really frustrating, but I recently got into a couple of series that were just love at first read: Skip and Loafer by Takamatsu Misaki and Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki / In the Clear Moonlit Dusk by Yamamori Mika. (Yes, the same Yamamori Mika-sensei that gave us all so much emotional distress with Hirunaka no Ryuusei / Daytime Shooting Star.) The two series are both set in school, each with their own endearing cast of characters, but the stories are a little different. The first one focuses more on the characters' experiences growing up, while the second one is more of a straightforward love story. I absolutely suck at explaining plots so I won't even try, but all I can say is that these two are REALLY GOOD. I highly recommend giving them a read if you haven't yet!

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Right now the only ongoing series we're watching is Jujutsu Kaisen S2. I honestly don't think I'd enjoy this season much because of Geto being voiced by [redacted] lol but the first episode was just *chef's kiss* !!! (Mei Mei, Utahime, Shiori........ily.) That one specific issue aside, I really do like JJK so I'll still keep watching. As for stuff we've finished, there's Skip and Loafer and Oshi no Ko. Both really good shows that made me want to read the manga afterwards, because I have low EQ and cannot wait for Season 2. We also recently watched Fate/strange Fake: Whispers of Dawn and it made me want to read the manga as well! Story A+, characters A+, visuals A+++. Aian used to be super into the Fate series, and watching this brought back the sparks for him, haha! That was just the Special though, so we're super excited for the full anime!

🎧Listening to
I honestly don't know what I've been listening to these days LOL. There was a month I only had Aimyon songs on repeat. A lot of my K-pop faves have released new music since then, so most days I just put either the K-Pop ON! or KimBops! playlist on shuffle and listen to those while I work on stuff.

That's it for life updates, I think? I wish I could've shared more mundane things, like I used to, but real life has been hitting us really hard this year and I just wanted to talk about the important stuff first. Hopefully I can come back with more light-hearted stories next time. Just a heads up though—I'll probably be putting up a bunch of K-beauty reviews here in the coming days. Mostly the stuff I've put up on Instagram, but maybe with a bit more detail. I'll continue to post about my daily life from time to time though, no worries! See you in the next post (⁠*⁠˘⁠︶⁠˘⁠*⁠)⁠.⁠。⁠*⁠♡