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romand Dewyful Water Tint Review |
It's safe to say that I've completely fallen in love with rom&nd. Whenever the brand releases something new, it's on my radar right away and I'd want to to get my hands on it. Just recently I was talking with a friend about how my Shopee cart has almost P3,000 worth of rom&nd products waiting to be checked out, haha 🙈 Somehow all their stuff are just my style! Today's products are no different. These are the rom&nd Dewyful Water Tints* 💕

Released in September of last year, the Dewyful Water Tints are one of two new additions to rom&nd's growing roster of lip tints. These are designed to be light yet moisturizing on the lips, while keeping a clear, dewy glow. The brand did a giveaway for these back in November (basically a lottery for those who wanted to try and review them). Being the rom&nd fan that I am, of course I had to join. I wasn't expecting to win, but I did! I won 2 random color tints from the Dewyful line (plus an eyeshadow palette, but I'll talk about that next time), which I actually reviewed over on my IG. I wasn't asked to blog about these, but I thought I'd put up my review here as well.

romand Dewyful Water Tint Review |
The Dewyful Water Tint comes in 8 different colors: 01 In Coral, 02 Salty Peach, 03 If Rose, 04 Chili Up, 05 Taffy, 06 Thulian, 07 Cherry Way, and 08 Berry Divine. 01 to 04 are warm-toned shades, while 05 to 08 are cool-toned. rom&nd gifted me 2 from the line—Chili Up and Cherry Way.

romand Dewyful Water Tint Review |
🌶️ 04 Chili Up
Chili red color with just the right amount of red and brown for me! Brown-toned lip colors usually make me look too tita, but I love how this looks on me even when I wear a full lip. My new go-to daily lip color 🥰

romand Dewyful Water Tint Review |
🍒 07 Cherry Way
Bright juicy red color that reminds you of fresh cherries. (Alexa play Red Flavor by Red Velvet~) On the swatch it's a lot lighter and looks more pink, but is a true cherry red when worn. Cherry Way is part of the cool-toned shades, but it's not super cool so if you're like me and fall in the middle of the spectrum you can still pull it off. I think my skintone is neutral leaning warm (years of wearing makeup and I'm still confused about my undertone...), but I'm able to wear it well. I normally don't do full lips, especially with such a bright red, but because it has a dewy finish it doesn't look weird at all. I was actually surprised I could pull it off!

Compared to the Juicy Lasting Tint, the Dewyful Water Tints have a more watery texture and appear more transparent. According to rom&nd, the Dewyful tint is in the middle in terms of transparency, so it's Glasting Water Tint > Dewyful Water Tint > Juicy Lasting Tint. My natural lip color is a bit purple so for clear tints I'm always unsure if the actual colors would show up on me, but with these they do! What I love about the Dewyful tints is that the colors are vivid yet still clear. The color doesn't ever get "too much"—the colors stay the same shade even after 3 layers. This makes it easier to use since you don't have to be super precise with application.

Comfort-wise, these are super comfortable to wear. Not sticky at all, even after layering. Moisturizing effect is great, though I do still wear lip balm underneath as I have really dry lips. As for staying power, since it's a moist tint, it isn't that long lasting. If you want to wear it under a mask, you'll have to blot the excess beforehand. It doesn't leave much of a stain, so you'll have to reapply after the tint fades, after eating and drinking, etc.

romand Dewyful Water Tint Review |
Overall the Dewyful tints are great if you want something comfortable + no-fuss for everyday wear. I've always wanted to try the MLBB colors from the Juicy Lasting line because they look so good on other people, but I decided against it because I wasn't sure if the actual colors would show up on me. I'm thinking of getting 02 Salty Peach from this line instead, as that might work better for me. (rom&nd just keeps taking my money..)

If you liked rom&nd's Juicy Lasting and Glasting Water tints, you should give these a try as well! I haven't tried the Glasting tints myself, but compared to the Juicy Lasting ones I personally prefer these 🥰 You can get the Dewyful Water Tints from the official rom&nd PH shop here. If you live outside of the Philippines, you can get them from Olive Young Global here. Use my code CHA1NYAN to get 5% off on your order! 💕

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