goodbye 2012, hello 2013

January 2, 2013 No comments

Fragments of last year, in photos. I will remember, with fondness, all the sweet and bitter memories, but mostly all the wonderful moments that I experienced and the lessons that you've taught me. I feel that this year has been the most trying for myself (and for Aian as well), but we've both grown because of that. A little bit wiser, a little bit stronger. Thank you, 2012, for everything.

If you have, in even just a tiny, minuscule way, become a part of my 2012 then I thank you. To all my readers, old and new, thank you. I am ever so grateful for every single person and thing, good or bad, that has helped me grow (even by just a bit) over the past year. Here's to hoping for an even more wonderful year ahead! Let's all work harder, and jump, fly, soar even higher this 2013

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