skincare diary : January 2017

January 31, 2017

skincare diary - January 2017 |
One of the goals I set for myself for this year was to start a monthly skincare diary. I initially thought of just creating a physical skincare diary, but I decided writing about it online would be better idea, as I could document and keep track my skin's progress more properly this way. Also, a lot of people seem to be curious about Asian skincare, especially the Korean multi-step skincare routine, so I thought it would be a good idea to share my routine since it follows the same format.

project 365 : days 22 - 28

January 29, 2017

project 365 |

my girly photobook collection, part one

January 27, 2017

my girly photobook collection |
Here's a little something I've been wanting to show you all for some time now—my growing girly photobook collection! I know some of you have been waiting for this ever since I posted photos last year. The truth is, I somehow forgot all about these photos (what is new), so they've been sitting in my drafts the whole time _(:3」∠)_ I've actually acquired about five more books since then, but I thought I'd go ahead and post these anyway. I plan to make an updated post of my collection in the future, so this is only part one!

review : DollyEye Bling13 Brown Lens

January 26, 2017

DollyEye Bling13 Brown |
Hi everyone! I have yet another contact lens review for you today. This time they are DollyEye Bling13 Brown Lenses*, sent to me by LensVillage. I've had these since March 2015. I think I still have about five lenses from my expired-but-unreviewed lens stash left. So many, I know _(:3」∠)_ The hardest part of trying to do reviews for expired lenses is looking for high-quality photos that show the lenses clearly – if I can't find any then I'll have to pass on doing the review. I won't sacrifice my eyes by wearing expired lenses! Luckily I took A TON of selfies with this particular lens, so I had a lot of photos to choose from, lol. Anyway. Onto the review!

project 365 : days 15 - 21

January 22, 2017

These past few weeks have been rather uneventful, because Aian's been super busy catching project deadlines again. Whenever Aian's schedule gets like this, we barely even have time to go out and get real food. We've mostly been staying at home these days. Since I try my best to match his daily schedule, all I've been doing is getting as much content done for my blog as possible. That's why there will be weeks (or months) like this where all the photos look similar, where all I'll have are photos of our cats or the food we've had that day, because that's probably already the most interesting thing I can share about that particular day. Our lives are pretty ordinary (save for the 7 cats part), so I hope you don't get bored midway my Project 52 ^^;;

new in : LOVEABOX, BeautyMNL, The Skincare Curator

January 19, 2017

new in – K-beauty goodies – LOVEABOX, BeautyMNL, The Skincare Curator |
A bunch of new K-beauty stuff came in the mail earlier this month, so I thought I'd do another acquisitions/unboxing post to show you all what I got! I actually have a couple more items that are in transit and I believe will be coming in the mail anytime soon, but I thought I should go ahead with these ones. I wanted to get them out of the way as they've been sitting in my closet waiting to be opened ever since I got them. Plus I really wanted to use some of these asap, so! ;)

review : G&G DM23 Kira Kira Brown Lens

January 16, 2017

G&G DM23 Kira Kira Brown |
Hey everyone! I'm back with my first review for this year.. and it's a review for expired lenses, lol. I was sent these from LoveShoppingholics way back in 2014, along with my EOS Cat Eyes Grey*. The good thing is that I managed to take a lot of photos with these on at the time, which is why I'm able to review them now. The lenses are G&G DM23 Kira Kira Brown* ♥

project 365 : days 8 - 14

January 15, 2017

project 365 |

product empties #2

January 13, 2017

product empties |
Here's a much-delayed post – my product empties for the second half of 2016! I did my first empties post in June, and since then I've been putting aside my empty skincare containers and used-up makeup so I could talk more about them in one big post. I actually meant to have this up by December last year, but I forgot to take photos of everything before all the holiday events happened, so. I've been keeping all these empty bottles and jars this entire time! _(:3」∠)_

highlights of 2016

January 11, 2017

highlights of 2016 |
While we can all agree that 2016 was a pretty shit year for the world over, it was still an okay year for me. Neither super good nor super bad, but right in the middle, I guess? Nothing majorly life-changing happened to me, personally. I did have a lot of good memories though, so I thought I'd list them all here. The highlights of my 2016, listed per month. I found the imbalance of these lists rather amusing – there were months where I'd only stay at home and work non-stop on blog content, and there were months where we'd have two or three consecutive events. (I live a relatively boring life, so let me at least try to make it look interesting, ha.) Most of these are just mundane things, but still, things that made me happy and that I'm thankful for :)

project 365 : days 1 - 7

January 8, 2017

One of my goals for this year is to do a 365 or a 52 project, so I'm starting off today! What I plan to do is to take one photo every day of the year. It can be a photo taken using my dSLR, or just my camera phone. It can be a photo of an interesting event, or maybe just a selfie with the cats. It can be anything! I just want to take one photo for each year. I think it's a great way to help remember all the little special moments in my life. Hopefully, at the end of the year, I'll be able to make a roundup of all 365 photos. I've also decided to add Happy Lists to these posts, as inspired by Audrey of Brunch at Audrey's, just because I like the idea of looking back every week at all the things that made me happy :)

project 365 |

2017 goals

January 3, 2017

2017 goals |
Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great New Year's! :) Today I'll be talking about my new set of goals that I want to achieve for myself in 2017. Last year's list was a bit of a bust—I was only able to do two out of ten! How lame. And they were all very doable goals, too. It's not that I was undetermined.. just that I didn't push myself too hard. 2016 was a crazy year, and I prioritized self-care out of a lot of things. Which is perfectly okay! But still, I regret not being able to do a lot of things.

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