2017 goals

2017 goals | chainyan.co
Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great New Year's! :) Today I'll be talking about my new set of goals that I want to achieve for myself in 2017. Last year's list was a bit of a bust—I was only able to do two out of ten! How lame. And they were all very doable goals, too. It's not that I was undetermined.. just that I didn't push myself too hard. 2016 was a crazy year, and I prioritized self-care out of a lot of things. Which is perfectly okay! But still, I regret not being able to do a lot of things.

I did realize something though. Those two goals I achieved were, in a way, the most important to me at the time (take more daily life photos + do more for my blog). That might be part of the reason why I was able to achieve them. So for this year's goals, I sat down and thought about what I really want to achieve right at this moment. These are short-term goals, but I still I feel that they would benefit me in the long run. With that, here are my goals for 2017!

2017 goals | chainyan.co
2017 goals | chainyan.co

2017 Goals

1. Take more photos – I'm happy to say that I did take more photos in 2016. But it's not enough! I need to take MORE!

2. Project 52 – I mentioned doing something like Audrey's Happiness Lists for my Project 52. I'm still thinking if I should do that, or if I should do something like Project 365, but I'll only post the photos every week. Or maybe do both? Hmm.

3. Open a bank account and start saving up – I actually do have a bank account, but the bank is so out of the way that it's so hard to actually go there and deposit money regularly. I'm planning on opening an account at a more accessible bank.

4. Do one big closet purge – I was able to somewhat downsize my wardrobe last year, but I still have a ton of clothes I need to let go of. I need to get my KonMari on! (I'll probably sell some on my IG shop, so please check that out!)

4.5 Declutter makeup and skincare stash – Ever since I started blogging more about beauty, I've amassed quite a bit of cosmetics. While they are all very pretty and nice to have, I don't think I need that much variety in my makeup and skincare stash as I only ever use the ones I really like.

5. Take better care of my body – Start eating healthy. Exercise! Lose at least 10kgs while I'm at it. While I have no problems being my soft and round self, I've gotten a bit too chubby for some of my old clothes. The easy solution for this might be to buy new clothes, but some of the pieces in question are my favorite ones, so. Gotta lose a little chub so I can wear them again.

5.5 Do all the medical things that I've been putting off for so long – Get vaccinated (I'm pretty sure I'm missing a lot), visit a dentist to get my teeth checked, visit an Ob-Gyn, etc.

6. Start a monthly skincare journal – My skin has improved SO MUCH thanks to Asian skincare, but I have nothing to show for it. My skin is far from perfect (I still have a ton of acne scars and I still get very conscious of my makeup-less face), but it's a work in progress. I started getting serious about skincare January last year, but I wasn't able to document my skincare journey, WHICH IS SUCH A WASTE because my skin has not looked this good in years!!!! I'll start doing that now.

7. Take the JLPT in December – I figured the only way I'd be able to take studying Nihongo just a little bit more seriously was to set this as my goal. Really hoping that I learn enough to be able to take the test this year!

8. Watch more classic anime films – I recently watched Ghost in the Shell with Aian, and a year or so before that we watched Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door and Paprika. I want to at least watch all of Satoshi Kon's movies.

9. Buy a cat tree for the kids – Just because.

9.5 Do something for cats in general – We've been feeding the strays outside, but I want to be able to do something more this year, like maybe donate cat food to my favorite animal welfare organization.

10. Visit at least one new travel destination, be it local or abroad – For last year's goals I set three as the number of destinations I wanted to go to, but we couldn't even go to one. (We were able to visit Malaysia again though, and we did visit Selangor, which is not part of Kuala Lumpur, so I guess that counts as one? Haha.) The thing is, Aian is busy the whole year round working on projects, and trying to even get a break is tough. So this year I'm hoping for at least one new destination! (Hopefully Japan or Taiwan, but Palawan is okay too! *crossing fingers*)

11. Take more outfit photos – Recently I haven't been posting outfit photos on the blog at all. I wanna get back at it!

There we go! I feel like this list already makes up all that I want to change in my life right now, but who knows? I might add a few more if I think of anything else, but this is a good start. (Good luck with this year's goals, self!)

What are some of your goals for the new year?