project 365 : days 15 - 21

These past few weeks have been rather uneventful, because Aian's been super busy catching project deadlines again. Whenever Aian's schedule gets like this, we barely even have time to go out and get real food. We've mostly been staying at home these days. Since I try my best to match his daily schedule, all I've been doing is getting as much content done for my blog as possible. That's why there will be weeks (or months) like this where all the photos look similar, where all I'll have are photos of our cats or the food we've had that day, because that's probably already the most interesting thing I can share about that particular day. Our lives are pretty ordinary (save for the 7 cats part), so I hope you don't get bored midway my Project 52 ^^;;

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Day 15 – Real-life Neko Atsume with Aian and the kids

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Day 16 – Kwek-kwek with vinegar

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Day 17 – Grilled boneless bangus for dinner

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Day 18 – Monochrome kitties

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Day 19 – Mori's favorite sleeping position

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Day 20 – My favorite donut in the world, the sugar donut

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Day 21 – Watching The Darjeeling Limited

Some things that made me happy recently:
  1. Finally satisfying my kwek-kwek craving. I'd been craving for it since we were in KL! I usually sleep in so I have my lunch late, so by the time I'm in the mood to eat some more, the kuya selling kwek-kwek would have already left. Luckily I managed to catch him on the day when we woke up a little earlier and had an early lunch, heh.
  2. Seeing the Neko Atsume live action trailer and thinking how it looks so similar to life right now, lol.
  3. Finding out out that Ame's become less aversive towards being carried. Out of all our cats, Ame's the only one that we can't pick up because he panics and gets violent when we do. But recently I tried picking him up and carrying him around, and I noticed he's a lot calmer about it now. He still doesn't like it much, but the fact that he's letting me do it is a big improvement.
  4. The MV for Honey Bee by Luna, Hani, and Solar. I don't know whose idea it was to take girls from three of my favorite groups and make them do a collab, but whoever it is deserves a medal omg. I do wish they let Hani sing in her actual vocal range though. But still!! The song is a bop and everyone looks SO GOOD.
  5. Re-watching the Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events movie. Aian and his brother's never seen the movie, so I thought we should watch it before watching the series because we might end up comparing the two if we watched the newer adaptation first. For a movie that came out in 2004 though, I think it was still quite good!
  6. Updating the babycats' Instagram. The last time I did that was in August, and back then we still only had 6 cats. To be honest I've become so lazy with Instagram these days, but I'll try my best to update this regularly.
  7. Last Friday, Aian went on a random donut run because he suddenly craved for them. At noon. When it was so bright. When he came back, I was surprised because there were sugar donuts. Sugar donuts!! I love sugar donuts but I didn't know Dunkin Donuts had these, so I was super happy. I ate them in like 2 minutes.
  8. Having garlic rice, buttered shrimp, and green mangoes with bagoong for lunch.
  9. Finally remembering to download Moonrise Kingdom. I also got The Darjeeling Limited and Fune wo Amu. I ended up watching The Darjeeling Limited first, because I wanted to save the best Moonrise Kingdom for last.
  10. Having 8 slices of cheese toast as a midnight snack while I binge-watch movies. I figured eating so much bread in the middle of the night might not be a very good idea, but I like cheese toast, so.

What was the highlight of your week? :)

To have a better appreciation of life's moments, no matter how mundane, my 365 day challenge for 2017 is to take photos every day of the year, and at the same time write a list of things that have made me happy recently.