style inspo : yura peko

April 22, 2014

Yura has got to be my number one favorite Zipper girl. This is already pretty obvious though, since I talk about her almost all the time. She's one of the reasons I went ahead with dyeing my hair all black! I love how she effortlessly pulls off monochrome style. Her favorite color palette - black, white, red. It amazed me how much one can do with only three colors, so I took a cue from her and started building a similar wardrobe, but a black-white-pink version lol. I'm not the only one who's Team Yura though - Aian did an illustration of her some time ago (which Yura retweeted, ehehe). How can you not love her? She's super pretty, and yet she's not afraid to look like an idiot, haha! A huge otaku too, which for me just adds to the cuteness factor. I love her so much. You can check out Yura's Instagram here: @yura_pk (*´꒳`*)

late March to mid-April 2014

April 20, 2014

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Some photos from late March to mid-April. Let me tell you a thing - just recently, I deleted a ton of photos from my Instagram. Why? I took one look at my feed and thought, "why is my Instagram feed so ugly?" and felt like deleting almost everything. I don't know if this is just me being OC, but I didn't like that the quality of my Instagram photos weren't on par with all my other photos. I thought, "why did I even bother getting an iPhone 4S if I'm not going to take good photos with it anyway? What was the point of buying all these filters on VSCOCam if I'm not going to use them properly?" This is all quite silly, I know, to compare my iPhone photos with my dSLR ones, but that's just how my brain works sometimes..

So now, I've been trying to step up the quality of my Instagram photos. Snapshot photography is something I've been very interested recently as well. While I was reading about the topic online, I stumbled upon this quote by one of my favorite photographers, Ninagawa Mika: "I think photography captures a certain air or ephemeral quality that exists only in that time." And it hit me. Wasn't that the reason why I was so fascinated with photography in the first place? Sure, fashion photography is great, but still, I want to be able to capture little moments, and the feelings within them. But at the same time, I want to be able to do it without compromising quality, yet without making them look artificial. This is a bit hard for me, since I feel that -capturing the moment- should be done with spontaneity, so wanting to take it -perfectly- kind of defeats the purpose of it all. Ah, well, I'm still learning, I guess. I'll work hard and try to find the perfect middle ground.

streetsnaps : Alabang Town Center 11.2013

April 15, 2014


For a while I was at a loss what to post, as I haven't been doing anything noteworthy recently - I've been spending most of my time indoors, because I'm afraid of burning to a crisp in this sweltering summer heat. As I was editing some photos from my recent shoot though, I remembered I still had a bunch of street snap photos that I never got around to posting.

These were originally taken for FUKULOG, but since the site decided to suddenly disappear and change into, they've been sitting in my folders for months. Since I lost all the photos on my FUKULOG page, I'm not sure if I can still take photos as a streetsnap photographer for WEAR. I think I'll continue taking photos of stylish people anyway, since it's quite fun! (I'll be leaving out taking outfit details though, since it's a bit of a hassle to explain this concept to some people.) I'll take it as a lesson in both photography and human interaction, haha. *socially awkward penguin* (〃艸〃)

review : Fynale J01 Honoo Green Lens

April 9, 2014

Fynale J01 Honoo Green |
Hello, everyone! Review time again! When I did the shoot for these, I shot a total of five pairs of lenses, including this one. (FIVE! PAIRS! In one day!) This pair is quite different from all my other ones, since it's a color that I haven't worn in a long time (the last time was in 2012) - green! And such a vivid shade of green, too. These are Fynale J01 Honoo Green Circle Lenses from LoveShoppingholics.

style inspo : Down the Rabbit Hole by Forestale

April 7, 2014

Model | Gabrielle Dawn
Designs + styling | Ian Cartalaba
Photos | Kune Delgado
Two of my friends in the cosplay/creative community, designer Ian Cartalaba and photographer Kune Delgado, recently collaborated on this amazing photoshoot featuring pieces from Forestale's first signature collection, all designed and made with love by Ian himself. Some of you might remember Ian from the Japanese street themed fashion show we did three years ago - the two of us represented mori kei! That was the first time I met someone else from the local cosplay / J-fashion community who was into mori kei - we've become friends ever since then, ehehe.

Back then, mori kei wasn't as well-known locally as other styles such as lolita and visual kei, so I was really happy to have found someone who was just as in love with it as I was. Fast forward to now - Ian's still very much into mori kei, and has recently started creating original mori kei pieces of his own. His first ever signature collection under Forestale, "Down the Rabbit Hole", is just too cute for words! What I love about the whole collection the most, is that everything was made from light fabrics - high quality cotton, eyelet and lace - which makes it perfect for Philippine weather. I also love that you can mix and match the pieces to create a lot of different looks. The second outfit is my fave - too cute for words! ♥

To see more the whole collection + more from Forestale, visit their Facebook Page. (They have a Storenvy, too!)

new year, new changes

April 4, 2014

Donna, 020214.
Can't believe I'm only posting these now. My very first shoot for 2014, and probably the most meaningful one I've done in a looong while. I don't know why, but as I was taking these photos, in a way, it felt just as cathartic for me as it was for Donna. Cutting hair is a big deal, for girls especially, so I'm really happy that Donna let me document the whole thing.
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