style inspo : yura peko

Yura has got to be my number one favorite Zipper girl. This is already pretty obvious though, since I talk about her almost all the time. She's one of the reasons I went ahead with dyeing my hair all black! I love how she effortlessly pulls off monochrome style. Her favorite color palette - black, white, red. It amazed me how much one can do with only three colors, so I took a cue from her and started building a similar wardrobe, but a black-white-pink version lol. I'm not the only one who's Team Yura though - Aian did an illustration of her some time ago (which Yura retweeted, ehehe). How can you not love her? She's super pretty, and yet she's not afraid to look like an idiot, haha! A huge otaku too, which for me just adds to the cuteness factor. I love her so much. You can check out Yura's Instagram here: @yura_pk (*´꒳`*)