late March to mid-April 2014

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Some photos from late March to mid-April. Let me tell you a thing - just recently, I deleted a ton of photos from my Instagram. Why? I took one look at my feed and thought, "why is my Instagram feed so ugly?" and felt like deleting almost everything. I don't know if this is just me being OC, but I didn't like that the quality of my Instagram photos weren't on par with all my other photos. I thought, "why did I even bother getting an iPhone 4S if I'm not going to take good photos with it anyway? What was the point of buying all these filters on VSCOCam if I'm not going to use them properly?" This is all quite silly, I know, to compare my iPhone photos with my dSLR ones, but that's just how my brain works sometimes..

So now, I've been trying to step up the quality of my Instagram photos. Snapshot photography is something I've been very interested recently as well. While I was reading about the topic online, I stumbled upon this quote by one of my favorite photographers, Ninagawa Mika: "I think photography captures a certain air or ephemeral quality that exists only in that time." And it hit me. Wasn't that the reason why I was so fascinated with photography in the first place? Sure, fashion photography is great, but still, I want to be able to capture little moments, and the feelings within them. But at the same time, I want to be able to do it without compromising quality, yet without making them look artificial. This is a bit hard for me, since I feel that -capturing the moment- should be done with spontaneity, so wanting to take it -perfectly- kind of defeats the purpose of it all. Ah, well, I'm still learning, I guess. I'll work hard and try to find the perfect middle ground.