streetsnaps : Alabang Town Center 11.2013


For a while I was at a loss what to post, as I haven't been doing anything noteworthy recently - I've been spending most of my time indoors, because I'm afraid of burning to a crisp in this sweltering summer heat. As I was editing some photos from my recent shoot though, I remembered I still had a bunch of street snap photos that I never got around to posting.

These were originally taken for FUKULOG, but since the site decided to suddenly disappear and change into, they've been sitting in my folders for months. Since I lost all the photos on my FUKULOG page, I'm not sure if I can still take photos as a streetsnap photographer for WEAR. I think I'll continue taking photos of stylish people anyway, since it's quite fun! (I'll be leaving out taking outfit details though, since it's a bit of a hassle to explain this concept to some people.) I'll take it as a lesson in both photography and human interaction, haha. *socially awkward penguin* (〃艸〃)