review : OLENS Double Tint Contact Lens

OLENS Double Tint Contact Lens Review |
My first post of the year and it's a review for one of my favorite brands! OLENS is the No.1 premium color contact lens brand in South Korea, and their goal is to promote the value of 'Beauty&Healthy eyestyling' all over the world. They released the Double Tint Lenses* in Korea late last year, and just this month they released them on Global, so they sent a couple of boxes for me to try out! πŸ’«

OLENS Double Tint Contact Lens Review |
The Double Tint lens series features mellow and pure shades with a double highlight pattern to make your eyes more luminous in every moment. To me the Double Tint feels like an upgrade of their Eyelighter Glowy series, which I reviewed previously. If you liked those, make sure to read on!

OLENS Double Tint Contact Lens Review |
Double Tint lenses come in two colors: Brown and Gray. Graphic diameter is 12.9mm! Slightly smaller than the Vivi Ring (13mm) and Eyelighter Glowy (13.1mm), but bigger than the Real Ring (12.5mm). My fave size of lenses to wear these days are actually around the 13mm range, so this was just perfect! Unlike the Eyelighter Glowy lenses which have a base color, a highlight color, and an edge line, the Double Tint lenses only have the double highlight color and an edge line. The highlight kind of fades into the rest of the lens, making the "base color" translucent, so your actual eye color kind of becomes the base color itself! Super cute! I love this design so much.

OLENS Double Tint Contact Lens Review |
OLENS Double Tint Contact Lens Review |
Double Tint Brown — OLENS Global, Shopee
Caramel brown double highlight lenses with a dark edge line. When I saw the promo photos I was a bit worried that the brown would be too warm / too red like the Scandi Brown (which I don't like much), but they're actually slightly more muted in real life. Super pretty! I love how the rest of the lens is just clear and the highlight just blends seamlessly with my natural eye color. I recently used up all my Vivi Ring Brown lenses so I was thinking of buying more, but these might just be my new favorite!

Double Tint Gray — OLENS Global, Shopee
Soft gray double highlight lenses with a dark edge line. I'm not a fan of the Black lenses from the Glowy series so I'm glad they decided to go with gray for the Double Tint. The soft gray color is quite nice. Most gray lenses make you look cool/chic, but the Double Tint Gray gives more of a calm vibe. I prefer true gray lenses over ones that tend to look blue under certain lighting, so I really liked these, though I wish they used the color they used for the Glowy Ash Gray lenses. (No pics yet because something always comes up when I have to shoot πŸ₯² but I will update soon!)

As with all of OLENS' 1-Day lenses, these are made of Puscon (Phosphorylcholine). Puscon is a highly biocompatible material used for medical devices such as artificial hearts, which makes it the safest contact lens material to wear. Puscon is also hydrophilic; its molecular structure forms a hydration shell on the surface of the lens and prevents dehydration. My eyes tend to get dry easily, but I'm able to wear OLENS dailies for a long period of time without any problems. Aian's eyes are a lot more sensitive than mine, which is why he couldn't wear lenses often even if he wanted to. We bought OLENS dailies lenses for him to try and he found them super comfortable!

I really liked the Eyelighter Glowy series because of the ✨anime eyes✨ highlight effect, but there were times I felt it looked a little awkward seeing the highlight at different places for both eyes. With the double highlight design of the Double Tint lenses, it doesn't look weird even if that happens. After wearing these for a few days I realized that the Double Tint series is more like a mix of the Glowy + Vivi Ring series, so if you like either one of those you'll definitely love the Double Tint as well! πŸ«ΆπŸ»πŸ’•

πŸ’Œ Remember to use my code "CHAINYAN" when you purchase through OLENS Global for an additional 10% off! Free worldwide shipping on orders over $100. For those in the Philippines, OLENS products are also available on Shopee (*´︶`*)♡

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