review : i.Fairy Nobluk Brown Lens

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |
Hi everyone, happy Easter! So sorry for being MIA recently. Since it was the Holy Week, I thought it would be a good idea to take a super short break from blogging. I'm really glad I did, because now I'm feeling a lot more energized and ready to work on new posts! Today I'll be reviewing lenses that I received from the lovely people over at LensVillagei.Fairy Nobluk Brown* ✨

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |
i.Fairy Nobluk Brown
Effect Diameter: 16.2mm
Actual Diameter: ??
Water Content: 55%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Usage: 1 year
i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |
Close-up of lens design.

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |
Direct sunlight

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |
Indoor lighting (fluorescent lights)

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |
When worn – view from the side.

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |
i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |
When worn.

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |
When worn, with a light in front of my face. (I used SNOW for this photo btw, so the filter enlarged my eyes slightly.)


I think the current trend for lenses now is to make them as natural-looking as possible. This particular lens is translucent and features an overall diffused design – if you look closely at the lens, the colored part looks a lot like a mesh which allows your natural eye color to peek through. The outer ring's pattern is interesting as well. The pattern was intentionally made to be irregular, so it feels more "realistic" in a way. There are also little speckles around the center part, which I like. The color is also very pretty. I wish the center ring were a little bit more diffused though, because it still looks like a solid circle in photos, which I don't like so much.

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |
Comparison of the i.Fairy Nobluk Brown and the Flexwear Illusions II Sienna. I thought the two had a similar design, but looking at them closely, they aren't as similar as I thought, haha. The Nobluk Brown's outer ring is translucent and has a pattern that isn't as uniform as the pattern on the one on the Flexwear Illusions. This makes the former more natural-looking. Color-wise, the Nobluk Brown is a more muted hazel brown, which I prefer to the Flexwear Illusions' almost-yellow brown.


i.Fairy claims that this lens has a diameter of 16.2mm (!!). I don't really know if that's true, so I'll just assume that 16.2mm is the projected effect. For a lens that claims such a large diameter though, this doesn't look nearly as enlarging as other 15mm lenses that I've tried in the past. This feels a lot like 14.5mm or 14.8mm lenses, which I think is fine, I actually prefer that diameter range.


Fairly comfortable. A small disclaimer—right now I can't say much about the comfort as I've only worn these twice. It's currently summer here and because of the weather, my eyes get drier more quickly. I didn't have any discomfort problems both times though!

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown |


If you want lenses that are eye-catching but are still okay for daily looks, the i.Fairy Nobluk Browns are a great choice. These lenses come in 6 different colors—Aqua, Yellow, Grey, Green, Pink, and Brown. The Brown ones are the most natural-looking, which is why I chose them. (Brown lenses look the best with my daily makeup, heheh.) Even though they look quite natural, the color and design really make these lenses stand out. I get complimented a lot when I wear these. They look great in photos, too!

You can get these lenses at LensVillage for $24. You can also check out LensVillage for other designs – they have over a thousand lens designs in store! They also offer free standard shipping on all orders over $30, so be sure to check them out! :)

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by LensVillage for review, but the opinions expressed here are 100% my own. Financial compensation was not received for this post. Please see my full disclaimer for more information.