project 365 : days 92 - 99

Today's 52 project post only has photos of cats in it. I stayed indoors the whole of last week because of deadlines, and the times I wasn't wracking my brain over what to write were spent watching the kids sleep or do silly things with boxes. But to be honest, this is pretty much all I do during the times I'm not eating, sleeping, or creating blog content. I just sit and watch whatever the seven cats are doing. So you can probably consider this as an "a week in the life" post, haha.

project 365 |
Day 92 – Mori and Ame staring at me intently. (I was eating ice cream.)

project 365 |
Day 93 – Mori and Mong sharing a box, which is a rare sight these days

project 365 |
Day 94 – Meanwhile, Nora refuses to share hers

project 365 |
Day 95 – Perfect fit

project 365 |
Day 96 – Leng trying to sleep in a box for the first time since we took him in

project 365 |
Day 97 – Nora sleeping soundly

project 365 |
Day 98 – An accomplishment: getting Mong to eat after almost 48 hours of not eating after being spayed

Things that made me happy last week:
  1. Meeting the deadline for my bntbox reviews for March (although barely).
  2. Having ice cream in 34°C weather.
  3. WINNER and Oh My Girl had their comebacks last week! I admit the new releases aren't quiiite my style, but I love these two groups so I still support them. I am living for all the recognition Jinwoo's been getting recently though!
  4. Seeing Leng finally getting inside one of the boxes and sleeping there. He's been with us for almost half a year but I've never seen him try and sleep inside a box before. He usually sleeps on the bed or in the clothes basket, but never a box. One night I was surprised to see him sitting and getting ready to sleep in one of Nora's boxes. So cute.
  5. Getting my new Beauty Blender Pro in the mail.
  6. We finally had Mong spayed last Friday. She's the last of the 7 to get sterilized, which means all 7 are now neutered/spayed, finally! Mong's surgery wound still seems to hurt so we have her on meds, but she's been recovering well.
  7. Watched the last episode of Maidragon. It's a series that Aian and I checked out only because we were curious, but we ended up liking and watching it until the end. (Kanna was best girl from start to finish.)
  8. Aian and I also recently started watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Growing up, I used to see episodes of SAC being shown on TV but I never did get to watch any of the episodes properly. I thought it was a timely series to watch (because of the whole Hollywood movie brouhaha). We'll probably watch Innocence one of these days as well.
  9. I've been going to sleep really late the past few days because of deadlines. I'm usually so tired that I fall asleep as soon as I lie on the bed. Waking up and seeing the babycats first thing in the morning (or night) is the bright spot of my everyday life.

What was the highlight of your week?

To have a better appreciation of life's moments, no matter how mundane, my 365 day challenge for 2017 is to take photos every day of the year, and at the same time write a list of things that have made me happy recently.