hello October, hello birthday month!

October 2, 2014 No comments

Totoro t-shirt c/o Elle PoupeeLowrys Farm skirt ♦ Accessorize tights ♦ Asian Vogue creepers
beanie from Taobao ♦ backpack c/o RoseWholesale ♦ clear choker from Yapo
♫: All That Jazz - Tonari no Totoro

I can't believe October is here! Hellooo, birthday month! Time passes so quickly. Up until recently I was complaining how it's already September, and now it's October! Just a little bit more and I'll be turning yet another year older.....(꒪⌓꒪)

Speaking of birthdays.. I mentioned last time that I was given a bunch of early birthday presents (including the super cute Totoro shirt you see above) at Best of Anime. I posted a photo of it on my Facebook, and I found it a bit amusing that my dad liked the photo. I'm turning 25 soon, but all I got were just cute things.. (I apologize for being such a childish daughter lol.) I really can't see myself acting my age. There's a certain popular local blogger that's almost the same age as I am, and is into the same things (Japanese fashion + anime).. but she seems more mature than I am, in a lot of ways. Not that it bothers me or anything! It's just one of those things you can't help but think about. Right now, I'm perfectly okay with how I am. I've never said this before, but I take a bit of pride in being able to wear and pull off things that other people think of as childish. The fact that I can wear eared beanies in public without the tiniest bit of awkwardness.. that in itself is a big thing for me. (Is this it.. kawaii empowerment? Haha.) Anyway, I'll grow up soon, too. Once I hit 28, maybe. (Maaaybe.)

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