Best of Anime 2014

When was the last time I blogged about an anime/cosplay convention..? Aside from TashaCon (which I only blogged about because TASHA), I honestly don't remember! Because I've been part of the local cosplay community for so long (I started going to cons in 2007), I kind of lost interest over time. I used to take a lot of photos before, but now I don't even bring my cameras to cons. But ever since Kawaii in Manila 2, I found the urge to attend cons again, mostly because of all the new friends I met. And so, we went to SM MoA last weekend for Best of Anime. I had a lot of fun, surprisingly! The event hall had a "No Ticket, No Entry" policy, so there weren't that many people.. which was a good thing, because one of the things I hate about local cons are the crowds ;; Being able to move around inside the event area without getting hit by anything was a nice change of pace, haha. Also saw a lot of friends I haven't seen in ages. Fun, fun. Because our main reason for going was to see heidi. perform, I only brought my phone with me, so my event photos are mostly selfies with friends, ehe.

A quick recap: mandatory kuro-shiro photo with Aian before leaving · selfie while in traffic · saw Xandra and her super pretty monochrome coord · there was SO MUCH SPACE inside the hall I felt like doing cartwheels · saw cutiepie Chibi-tan ♥ · dropped by Denise and Eru's sports anime hell booth · took photos of the pretty ManikaManila booth and all the pretty dorries · met Eri-san and Sachie-san, the two lovely ladies behind Canmake PH · finally got to meet Kristin, one-half of Elle Poupee ♥ · remembered to take a photo with Aian during the con.. only he wasn't looking at the camera lol · heidi. was super awesome live.. our first ever visual kei live..!! · our friend Henry caught Kiri's drumstick for me omg · met this pretty Nechi outside the hall before we left· feet hurt so bad after the live, but at least my shoes were pretty · all of the presents I received that day - Elle Poupee Totoro shirt, Kiri's drumstick, TonyTony Chopper babies from Aian.. thank you so much ♥