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It's October—my birthmonth! It's been a while since I did a Life Lately post, so I thought I'd do one today! :)

These blogs: deluminators, eat your teacup, Ki! Ki!, and ANOUK. Save for the last one, I've been following these blogs for years now but I still make time to visit and backread their posts whenever I have time. ANOUK was a fairly new discovery, which I found while checking out the recommended blogs on Bloglovin. I love travel blogs, but I love personal blogs more. So whenever I find blogs that are a great balance of both, I tend to like them right away. Such is the case with these.

I've been reading my friends' blogs a lot these days as well! Kang, Ciara, Banan, Ingrid, Ashley, etc. The usual bunch heheh. Also, my friend Hanie has been sharing stories from her Tokyo trip recently, and I've been enjoying reading all about it.

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Last month I started watching Produce 101 Season 1, but I gave up in the middle because I remembered how extremely stressful watching survival shows can be for me ;___; I did watch all the performances though! I went into the whole thing knowing only Pinky, Nayoung, and Somi (because of Pristin and Sixteen). I came out stanning Chungha, Pinky, and Sohye ♥

After that, I decided to give Sister's Slam Dunk 2 a try. On Sister's Slam Dunk, members from different parts of the Korean entertainment industry get together to make an idol girl group. I watched Season 2 because Minzy and Somi were there. I ended up liking it a lot more than Produce 101. I watched the whole thing with Aian! All of the members are so funny, and I loved how their chemistry made them all seem like real sisters. I also loved that everyone there gave their 100%, even if it was a variety show. I plan to watch Standby I.O.I. in the near future as well since I got to know I.O.I. a little bit from watching fanmade videos.

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Aian and I have also been watching Buzzfeed Unsolved. I recommended it to him after reading about it on Elise's post. The only reason I did that was because I thought he'd watch it on his own... I was wrong lol. I'm really weak against creepy stuff but Aian keeps wanting to watch it so ;_____; The only good thing about the series is that the two hosts, Ryan and Shane, aren't ~super serious~ about everything. There's a lot of bickering and sarcastic side comments in between, so it's a lot lighter than most shows about the supernatural out there.

As for anime, Aian and I recently finished Kakegurui and New Game!! Season 2. They were okay. The newer series that have been coming out these days aren't to my taste, so I've been looking for good ones from past seasons. Just the other day we started watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. It's been... very interesting, so far. We're only at the halfway point, but I really want to finish watching this season quickly because I'm more interested in Diamond Is Unbreakable.

Listening to
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I'm the type of person to only listen to the same song or album on loop when I really like it, so there's not a lot of new stuff on this list. I still really like Suran's Walkin' and Heize's /// (You Are Cloudy) mini-albums, even though they were released months ago. I also like Heize's collab song with Jay Park and GroovyRoom, Sunday. I had this song on loop for about a week or two when it came out.

Some recent faves are Primary's ~42, offonoff's boy. album, Sunmi's Gashina (aka song with Dance of the Year 2017), Bonjour Suzuki's The Best of Bonjour Suzuki album, and of course, Unnies' Right?. I also have a playlist of the songs I currently have on loop on my Spotify. They're pretty much just KPOP songs I like listening to while I shower though. You can check that out here.

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I've also been listening to the The Minimalists Podcast whenever I have time. My attention span tends to randomly fly out the window though, so I'm only on the 7th or 8th episode even though I started listening to it about two or three months ago. It's very interesting in itself, but if you plan to start listening to it, I recommend watching their documentary first. That way you'll have an idea of where they're coming from, and what their version of minimalism really is. Otherwise, they may come off as very pretentious (?). At least that's what I've noticed from reading comments on their Youtube videos, lol. These two people have changed my perspective on minimalism and "stuff", so I highly recommend it to people who are interested in the whole minimalism thing.

Speaking of podcasts, earlier this week Aian started listening to the Lore Podcast. I have friends who like supernatural things so there's no shortage of stuff like this. I recommended it to him, but I had no idea I'd be listening to it as well. He plays it on his PC (through speakers!!) whenever he's working, so I get to listen to it as well... whether I like it or not. Because everything is backed by research, it's super informative. But still, it can get hella creepy at times. I can't even go to the bathroom when it's on ;___;

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Granblue Fantasy! I'm not very good at it though. The only reason I'm still playing is because the art in the game is so pretty.

Needing / Wanting / Coveting
I think my iPhone 5S is on the verge of dying, so I'll have to replace it when it does. I'm looking to replace it with something cheaper than an iPhone but still takes good photos. Maybe the ASUS Zenfone Selfie, since I mostly only take photos of my face anyway lol.

I'm also interested in getting the Foldio 3 when it comes out. Because I'm usually asleep during the day and up at night, I have a hard time taking photos with good lighting. I'm planning to get the Foldio 3 so I can take better photos for product reviews.

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Chichi's self-produced zine, Mumu Month! "Mumu" is the general term in Filipino for monsters. Growing up, I always thought that mumu was baby-talk for "multo", which is the Filipino word for ghosts or spirits, but it turns out that mumu refers to all monsters, ghosts included. Mumu Month was created by Chichi in honor of October, the spookiest month of the year, and also her birth month! The zine is all about the monsters in Philippine mythology, depicted in Little Miss Paintbrush style! It's spooky and cute at the same time! I finally got the chance to read it yesterday, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Chichi's drawings are always cute, but her storytelling is SO GOOD. I can't express this enough. Definitely buy the zine if you can! You can get a copy of it here.

The fact that the nearby cinemas only showed Gintama for ONE DAY before pulling them out of theaters, wtf. And that photos have been suddenly disappearing from my iPhone recently because I only have a few MBs of space left.

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Recent purchases
These two shadows from Etude House have been in my wishlist for so long; I'm so happy I finally got my hands on them! They're Look At My Eyes RD302 Piquant Wine Burgundy and Look At My Eyes Cafe RD302 Wine Maple. I love red/burgundy shadows so I'm so glad I finally have these. I couldn't find them in any of the local Etude House shops, so I ordered them via user Peach Pink Mall on Shopee.

I also bought new brown lenses. I had to throw my previous brown pair out because my eye grades went up so much.

Recently bookmarked
This page on Tofugu on learning kanji with radicals and mnemonics. I'm having a hard time memorizing the kanji necessary for N5, so I've been looking for methods for effectively learning kanji. This method seems to be the best, but to be honest, it just made things a lot more complicated for me. I'm really hoping I'll be able to stuff all these things inside my head by December!

Looking forward to
My birthday! And of course, Halloween! The most wonderful time of the year 🎃✨

What have you been into lately? :)