hello October, hello birthday month!

Totoro t-shirt c/o Elle PoupeeLowrys Farm skirt ♦ Accessorize tights ♦ Asian Vogue creepers
beanie from Taobao ♦ backpack c/o RoseWholesale ♦ clear choker from Yapo
I can't believe October is here! Hellooo, birthday month! Time passes so quickly. Up until recently I was complaining how it's already September, and now it's October! Just a little bit more and I'll be turning yet another year older.....(꒪⌓꒪)

Speaking of birthdays.. I mentioned last time that I was given a bunch of early birthday presents (including the super cute Totoro shirt you see above) at Best of Anime. I'm turning 25 soon, but all I got were just cute things.. Not that it bothers me or anything! It's just one of those things you can't help but think about. Right now, I'm perfectly okay with how I am. I've never said this before, but I take a bit of pride in being able to wear and pull off things that other people think of as childish. The fact that I can wear eared beanies in public without the tiniest bit of awkwardness.. that in itself is a big thing for me. (Is this it.. kawaii empowerment? Haha.) Anyway, I'll grow up soon, too. (Maybe.)