RoseWholesale top // Lowrys Farm shorts // Princess Bubblegum tattoo tights // Romwe platform shoes
♫: f(x) - 미행 (그림자 / Shadow)

I seem to be on a roll with my white outfits recently. Hopefully this will continue for a while. Also, ひさしぶり to my bangs, yay! The reason I kept pinning them back was because I accidentally cut them shorter than I intended.. they finally grew to a somewhat decent length, after two whole weeks ; v ; I'm never cutting them by myself ever again. (I say this all the time, but I end up doing it anyway, urk.) By the way~ I got the title of the post from my favorite song from f(x), my all-time favorite KPOP girl group. Their comeback is soon, so I've been playing f(x) songs non-stop recently. I'm pretty excited!! f(x) daebak~!! * u *

And oh, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who left comments on my previous post. Thank you for all the love. I wasn't expecting such a reaction from everyone.. I'm very happy. Despite everything, I promise to do my best from now on ♥