a view of happiness

Cardigan - SammyDress. Top - thrifted. Shorts - Lowrys Farm. Shoes - LovelyWholesale.
What do you do if one day, you come to the realization that maybe you just aren't destined for "greater things"..? What if you just aren't meant to be one of those people with 50 pairs of shoes and a closet full of designer dresses, hopping from one country to another and rubbing elbows with all the famous designers and celebrities? I've come to this realization just recently.. maybe my life was just meant to be -mediocre- at best. I've always dreamed of becoming a professional photographer or a high-profile blogger, as they were sure to take me to many different places. But now.. let's just say real life decided to hit me right in the face, and so I have to make a lot of sacrifices.. and sadly that dream is one of them. It's not like I'm going to stop taking photos, but it's heartbreaking, you know? But ah, times are hard for dreamers. Because of certain life things, I'm now somewhat forced to look for a real job. (I've never considered photography as a "real job" because I knew doing it would be so fun that I wouldn't consider it as work.) I've tried escaping it a few times, but it seems like there's just no way around it. After crying over all of this a bit, I've come to realize something. If the best you can be is just be average, then maybe the only thing to do is be the best at that, right? Maybe the grandest thing that I could ever hope for is traveling to a different country at least once a year, on discounted flights, staying in a budget hotel somewhere in the city, taking in the sights, mingling with the locals.. but that doesn't sound so bad, does it?