June 2014

Quick round-up of photos from June. I didn't get to go out much last month. I mostly stayed indoors, because I had to deal with certain ~real life~ things. I did get to try a lot of new things though, even though they were just little things like eating hotpot or having gel nails done. New experiences are always a good thing, no matter how little they may seem. I've realized that just recently.

One of the rare times that I woke up before lunchtime. Tuyo + salted eggs + tomatoes = nom!

First time eating at Project Pie! It was okay. I should've added more cheese..

I have way too many photos of Mimi on my phone, haha! These days I don't even take photos of my face that much anymore..

It was my grandfather's birthday on the 12th, the same day as Independence Day. I had leftover spaghetti and cake and hot chocolate for breakfast the next day. We had J.Co too, so I spent most of the next couple of days eating that.

Our friend Allysa brought us royal pudding from Chez Karine Bakery. Aian and I got to try it for the first time. It was really yummy, but I was more interested in the pretty jars more than the pudding, heh.

Aian and I were bored, so we tried to put Mimi inside a sock.. We need a bigger sock, I think.

We managed to get a weekend free, so we went to Glorietta to see a movie. We watched 22 Jump Street. It was so good!

I wore my new sky-high platforms from Romwe that day. It was a bit hard to walk after a while though.

Aian's been practicing the guitar a lot recently. Even though I don't listen to SCANDAL, a song of theirs got stuck in my head ;;

Super lucky shot of Mimi standing on two feet heheheh~

Matchy-matchy with my younger brother! Black and white Nike AF's!

First time eating at King One Rotary Hotpot + first time having shabu-shabu. So good! The seafood balls were good, but the ones with mozzarella inside = heaven in your mouth!! I've been pestering Aian to eat there every day since then.

Had my nails done at Glitter Professional Nailcare in ParaƱaque. First time trying gel nails. Technology! * O *

Late night ice cream run, because I suddenly had a craving for the Korean ice cream, heheh.

Mimi trying to look cute~

Aian drawing giftart for GUMI's birthday! You can see the finished illustration here.

Cat in the hat~ heheh.

It's been raining a lot recently, which is good because that means now I can bring out all my cardigans! Summer took forever to end, but I'm just glad that's over. I like that everything looks greener too, after a rainshower.

Decided to clean out my contact lens stash. I only managed to throw two pairs out, the rest were cleaned then put into new cases.

My bangs finally grew out! I was getting tired of constantly having to pin them back..

Found Snapple at Family Mart! I missed this. Pink Lemonade ♥

Finally found the Multicheek from Ellefa in Orange! I really liked the pink one, so I was happy when I saw this at Daiso G3!

PostSecret books from Xandra! I can relate to so many of the secrets in it, it's not even funny.

More Mimi, just because. (This blog is turning into a cat blog soon..)

Speaking of Mimi~! He just turned 3 months old late last month. Baby kitties grow so fast! *proud momma*

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