kibou ga kanata de matteru

Cardigan - Romwe (similar). Dress - Lowrys Farm. Shoes - Asian Vogue. Glasses - Wear Vintage.
Something with color, for a change! If you're updated with all the latest anime, then I'm pretty sure you already know the inspiration for this outfit. Kyoukai no Kanata! KnK was one of my favorite series from Fall 2013. I waited diligently for every new episode each week! That's why when I saw this cardigan on Romwe, it instantly reminded me of KnK's clumsy protagonist, Kuriyama Mirai. I just had to have it. I couldn't wear it during the summer though, but now that the rainy season's started, I brought it out right away! I paired it with the only navy blue dress I could find, for Mirai's uniform. Also, stockings. Since I couldn't find black ones, I wore black shoes instead, to keep the color palette. And of course, glasses! They aren't red, but I'm sure Akihito would still approve, heheh~~ The only things missing from this outfit are Mirai's signature pink bob and gold ring, haha! This is -in no way- cosplay, by the way. I don't think I can ever pull off Mirai. (The eldest Nase sibling, Izumi, maybe.. but that's a totally different story!) Replicating her outfit from what was in my closet was quite fun though. Maybe I should do more outfits inspired by anime characters? Seems like an interesting idea, yes? ♥