eyes love you

T-shirt and suspender skirt - Romwe. Shoes - Nike Air Force 1 High, thrifted.
Long time no outfit post! How long ago was my last one.. 5 months ago, I think? The reason why I haven't been posting anything related to ~fashion~ and ~personal style~ was that I wanted to take a break from taking photos of my outfits and "fashion blogging" in general. To put it simply, I was getting tired of it. I was getting tired of seeing my 60kg self (my weight seems to have gotten stuck at this number; I lose or gain a couple of kilos but always go back to 60) and always worrying how I appear to other people. That's one of the things I hate about myself-- I could care less about what other people think of me, but I always have to look ~perfect~ anyway. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if I were still wearing all my mori clothes, I'd simply hide figure underneath a tent of a dress. But it just so happened that I was also in the middle of transitioning to a different style.. one completely different from what I was used to. Come summertime, I forgot about dressing up completely, kept my hair up in a bun with bangs away from my face, and only bothered putting makeup on when I was meeting friends. Because, come on. In 32°C weather?? At this point I felt like I gave up on being a woman altogether, lol. Seeing all the skinny fashion bloggers frolicking under the sun in their short sundresses did not help either. I was a jealous mess, I tell you. I decided then to focus on other things. I said to myself that the only time I would do another outfit post was when I had the courage (or thicker skin) to do so. And so here I am, back in an all-white outfit + wearing the cutest shirt ever. All 60kg of me, yes. To tell you the truth, seeing photos of my 48kg self still makes me angry at myself sometimes, but what can I do? I honestly can't find the motivation to lose weight right now. Maybe the motivation will come and smack me in the face one day, but right now, I'm good ☆彡