streetsnaps : Greenbelt 01.2014

Maya // @MayaYamaaa

Yapo // @yaptus
More streetsnaps from earlier this year! Our friend Laura, who we've only ever talked to online, was in the country for vacation, so we took the chance to finally meet her. Since everyone's outfits were really nice, and Greenbelt was extra pretty because of the Chinese New Year decorations, I thought it would be nice to take streetsnaps of everyone. I'm so lucky to have such stylish people around me * u * Sadly though, we weren't able to take purikura photos since Glorietta's Timezone decided to pull out their Jewella machine ;___; (Where do we go to for purikura from now on?? orz) Instead, we took our group photos outside. We hung out a bit after that. Overall it was a fun day! Wish we were able to do more. Can't wait to hang out with Laura again when she comes back!