style inspo : Candy Stripper Spring 2013 Collection (AMO ver.)

Currently lusting over each and every thing that AMO-chan is wearing in the photos above for the Candy Stripper Spring 2013 lookbook. Lavender love! I really like how Spring in Japan for some girls means all-out pastel. I want to try something like it in the future but I don't think I can pull it off as well as AMO-chan. One of my secret dreams in life is to become as pretty and as fairy-like as her, haha! Not that that's happening anytime soon, as I am a bear in real life. Maybe in the next one, if I'm lucky.

If you're wondering why this lookbook features only one outfit, it's because Candy Stripper has a weird way of creating their lookbooks for each season. They have different versions: the AMO version (1+2), the AYAMO version (1+2), and the AMOYAMO version (1). I've provided links so you can view each one. I think by doing this, CS can cater to all of their fans from the both sides of the spectrum-- the fairy type, represented by AMO, and the rock type, represented by AYAMO. Sounds kind of weird, with all the types and things, and it sometimes feels like I'm talking about Pokemon rather than fashion styles, but that's how everyone describes their styles in aomoji-kei language, it seems. (There are more types: kid's rock, handsome, feminine, natural.. you get the hang of things after a while but it's still a bit strange once you try talking to other people about it, haha!)