february and early march 2013

If you're wondering why I haven't been posting anything on my blog recently, it's because I'm currently stuck between reality and the virtual world.. to be specific, the world of Elgard. Sigh. And I here I thought I wouldn't get hooked on any MMORPGs anymore. I blame Aian for this completely! Other than that, I've been attending meetings for Dokissaten, going to interviews, and helping Luisa out with her shoots for her exhibit on the 21st. (Speaking of which, please do come!)

Super busy! I feel that because of all these things I haven't been able to have any 'me' time (meaning, personal shoots) so hopefully I can do a couple before the month ends. I also have four reviews and a makeup tutorial that I need to get to doing, so please look out for that. Also, you might've noticed that the photos seem to have improved in quality quite drastically towards the end of the post.. it's because late last month (or was it early this month?) my dad gave me his iPhone 4S. I use it mostly for Instagram + Elgard. I haven't gotten a microsim yet so I still use my Nokia C3 for texting purposes, but it's usually in my bag so I don't use it much. I used to be hooked on Line Play but these days I don't play anymore. I'm on Elgard -almost- 24/7 ;;