project 365 : days 162 - 180

June 30, 2017

project 365 |

🌸 Saturdate with Cindy 🌸

June 27, 2017

Saturdate with Cindy |
I met Cindy around two years ago, at the Beyond The Cutest Dreams book launch. We were introduced by Sachi, if I remember correctly! Fast forward to 2016. We've become a bit closer through talking online, over Twitter and such. We found out that we were both from the South, so we often talked about meeting up. But time went by and we didn't get to meet that year at all, lol. This time though, after more than a year, our schedules finally matched so we got to meet up and have our date. We even wore matchy outfits for the occasion 💕

June 2017, two weeks in

June 16, 2017

June 2017 photodiary |
I recently downloaded two new photo apps—Analog Tokyo and Hipstamatic—so I've become very snap happy these days. (I wish I'd downloaded them earlier, before the rainy season started!) Here's how my June has looked like so far, through my phone.

project 365 : days 141 - 161

June 11, 2017

project 365 |

first impressions : W7 Cosmetics

June 6, 2017

Hey everyone! I know I disappeared for a bit—rainy season started much earlier than usual in this part of the world, and so the sudden change in the weather led to me getting sick for about a week or so. This is why I haven't been able to post anything (other than updates on IG and Twitter). I've been feeling much better these days, so I'm trying my best to catch up on backlog!

W7 Cosmetics |
Today I'll be introducing a new makeup brand on the blog – W7 Cosmetics! W7 Cosmetics isn't actually a new brand per se. This UK drugstore brand has been around since 2002, but I only found out about them sometime last year, while searching for dupes of the Naked 3 (back when I still really wanted one). One of their eyeshadow palettes came up during the search, and so I've had W7 in my "brands to check out in the future" list ever since. A few days ago, I was sent three W7 products by the lovely Chariss of The Makeup House, and so I finally got the chance to try the brand ♥
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