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Instagram favorites | chainyan.co
@risa_doll_ – Risa Nakamura is, in my unbiased opinion, the ultimate LARME girl. When you think of LARME, it's impossible not to think of Risa! I've been a fan of hers ever since her Katie days, so it's amazing to see how she's been able to make a name for herself now. A career as a talent and model for magazines such as LARME and KERA, her own personal style book, plus countless brand collaborations! Clothing, makeup, contact lenses, purikura machines, you name it! She also recently featured in a series of Anna Sui × LARME collab videos, which you can (and must!) watch here, here, and here.

Instagram favorites | chainyan.co
@yui_kanno – Formerly a model of Popteen, Yui Kanno was one of the first few models that appeared in LARME's first ever issue. When LARME first came out, one of the main reasons why I was interested was because Yui was in it. She's was one of my favorite models in Popteen. When I was still into mori girl, I'd look to her for inspiration because she frequently wore mori gyaru, which I was going for at the time. These days she's been working hard on her brand, Crayme, which is frequently featured in LARME as well. I love her designs, but more than that, I looove her overall creative direction for it. So dreamy and whimsical. (In fact, I blogged a little about it here.)

Instagram favorites | chainyan.co
@mikipon1111 – Speaking of former Popteen models, I only recently found out that Miki Kawanishi (more popularly known as Mikipon) was one of them! I found out when she posted a photo of her gyaru self on Twitter. Turns out she was from the same batch of Popteen models as Okarie and Nana Suzuki! It was quite a shock since I only knew about her from her Youtube channel. Recently she's been appearing a lot in LARME, usually in the makeup sections. Fitting, I think, as most of her tutorials on YT look very LARME-kei.

Instagram favorites | chainyan.co
@harunaka – The girl boss of LARME herself and the person responsible for the recent LARME-kei boom in Japan, Haruna Nakagori. A bit about Harunaka: "Formerly an editor of gyaru magazine Koakuma Ageha, she proposed the LARME concept to In Forest (now defunct publisher of Ageha magazine) in 2011. While it was originally approved, it got bogged down by upper management and never came to fruition. She then left In Forest for Tokuma Shoten (former Egg publisher, current LARME publisher) in the hopes of creating LARME magazine." (Info taken from here). I think it's amazing how one person's idea turned into something this big. LARME was something that I've been wanting to see all this time, a magazine that focused on dreamy and whimsical styles. I was waiting for something with the similar feel of Lula Magazine, and it finally came in 2012. Harunaka usually posts outtakes from LARME shoots, which I enjoy seeing very much—I always get excited to see what kind of concept she's prepared for next month's issue ♥

As promised, today's Instagram feature is of some of my favorite LARME girls! I had so much trouble choosing which four girls to feature, because I follow so many of the LARME girls! I decided on these four in the end. I also had trouble choosing which photos to feature for this post, especially for Risa. I like all her photos so much! More specifically, I love her face. It's so doll-like, true to her username. I love her face so much, I think if money weren't an issue, I'd buy just about anything with her face on it..

Next time I'll feature some of my girl crushes' Instagrams. Though that'll probably take me a while as well, since I have so many girl crushes to choose from (〃▽〃) But please look forward to it ♥

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