Comic Fiesta 2014

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Guess who decided to become an official blogger for Comic Fiesta 2014, and end up writing about it only after almost two months?? That would be me, apparently. But hey, better extremely late than never right? For those who don't know, Comic Fiesta is Malaysia's biggest and most anticipated ACG event. Think of it as Malaysia's version of Comiket! It's not at that scale yet, but it's certainly growing by the year! I attended the previous year's Comic Fiesta, and I was overwhelmed at how much the event (and the crowd!!) has grown since then. CF2014 occupied up to 6+ halls of KLCC's Convention Centre! * O *

Look at all those people! And this is just from day 1. Official visitor count for both days was a whopping 49,000 people. Crazy!! At one point during day 1 that we got stuck in one area for a full 2 minutes or so. There was a traffic jam. Of people. In the middle of the con. So weird.

Look at all these awesome cosplayers~! The quality of cosplay in Comic Fiesta is always amazing. I think the most noticeable difference between the cosplayers at CF and the cosplayers at local cons is the attention to detail. More specifically, their makeup! Eye lines, eyebrows, contouring, even the wig styling -- all on point! Hopefully more of our cosplayers back at home would pay attention to this, since it really does make a world of a difference * O *

I also ~finally~ got to meet Hanie, whose blog I've been following for more than a year now~! She went as Chihiro from Spirited Away on day 1, so cute~! We did a mini-shoot around the convention area. Only managed to take a few photos though, since it started raining a bit while we were shooting ;;

Hanie with Angel~ It was nice meeting you both~! Let's hang out longer next time, okay? ^ 3 ^

Also during day 1, I got to take part in the interviews for the guest cosplayers-- King, Mon, Liui, and Aza Miyuko! Hanie says it's one of the best parts of being an official blogger for Comic Fiesta ehehe. I didn't really get to ask questions or anything though, since I was too shy ;; Hanie was there beside me though, so I wasn't as nervous about being in the same room as all these awesome cosplayers~~ She was also kind enough to translate some of the questions which were asked in Chinese for me. It was very helpful because I felt a bit lost in translation like half of the time ehehe ;; You can read her post about CF2014 here!

Selfies with everyone~~ except Miyuko, because she was taken away by her manager-nim quickly after the interviews were over ;; A bit sad, but it's okay since I got to take photos with King and Mon~~ I've been a fan for so long, I was shaking after I took the photos with my phone. PLUS KING HELD MY HAND FOR ALMOST ONE FULL MINUTE I THOUGHT I'D DIE. Also, I found it funny that I only got to meet Liui again at CF. I first met him years ago, then never got to see him in any of the local cons I've attended afterwards. So strange to meet him again in Malaysia, of all places lolol.

Kinokuniya had a booth showcasing manga pages from different series. Aian and Allysa were both very absorbed in studying them.

Watched this artist at the Claz'room Academy booth sketch for a bit. I really liked the illust on the left, so we bought a postcard of it.

Because my schedule was a bit more free during day 2, we spent most of it looking at merchandise, since we didn't get to do so properly the previous day because of the massive crowd. Here's one of the figures on display at the Good Smile Company booth. It's Hatsune Miku (Eager Love Revenge ver.), based off of this illustration by Miwa Shirow~ The reason I remembered to take a photo of this is because I really liked this series by Miwa-sensei ehehe.

Browsing the Artist booths is our favorite thing to do during Comic Fiesta! For us, it's the highlight of the event. I'm always on the lookout for cute fandom merchandise, and I was not disappointed. Rather, I had a hard time choosing what to buy! There's just so many things to choose from! Doujins, artbooks, postcards, stickers, keychains.. there were even some booths selling pouches with fandom patterns on them * O *

I noticed there were a lot of booths selling dolly items as well. I wanted to buy some, but I don't have a doll of my own so ;___;

Ultra-cute pastel goodness from Moododo! Even the owner is super adorable. I was really happy she complimented my Kawaii Kawaii Kawaii shirt ehehe ♥

We also got to see Liricamore, who is as cute as her work ehehe. (I really regret not buying one of those Maki pins.....)

Of course, how can I not visit one of my all-time favorite artists? Kidchan~! I will always be your fangirl ♥

Speaking of awesome artists, we got to watch a live demo by Alchemaniac for Creative Factor! I was so amazed because he said he'd only started focusing on drawing around three years ago. His secret? Just draw everyday~! It gave me some hope because I do want to learn how to draw (I ALWAYS get super frustrated whenever Aian draws fanart of a character we liked or a series that we just finished watching.. I want to draw fanart too ;___;), but I thought it would be too late if I started only now. I was really glad to know that it's not! (Aian also promised to teach me when he's not so busy lolol.)

Capped off Day 2 of Comic Fiesta by taking photos of cosplayers. I really regret not taking more than this! Such a waste, because there were just so many good cosplays. My favorite cosplays from both days were definitely the Amayumerou ver. Hatsune Miku x Kagamine Rin pair, and the Kuchisake-onna.

Last but not least, even more selfies~! With Angie, Kidchan, Ying Tze, and a ~*~pretty handsome~*~ person (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)

...aaand of course, CF2014 crew! Just the three of us lolol. Hope more friends come with us next time~~

Attending Comic Fiesta is always a great experience for me. Nothing beats the first time we attended though, since we even got to see Redjuice and VOFAN up close back then! But CF2014 was just as enjoyable. What made it even more enjoyable is that I got to be an official blogger! I'm a bit sad though, that I didn't get to use the opportunity to its fullest, since I was only able to attend the cosplayers' interview. I had to miss out on the other interviews and programs because the schedule clashed with other activities ;; I did manage to take a bit more photos than the previous year, but it's still not a lot ;; I also realized that it's a bit hard for me to ask people for photos.. I think it's probably some form of culture shock, that I'm a bit scared that I might come off as rude? It's easier for me to ask for photos at local cons since I'm friends with most of the cosplayers lol ;; So I ask very nicely and apologize if I end up taking too long with taking photos ahahaha _(:3 」∠)_

That's it for my Comic Fiesta 2014 report~! I wanted to make it as objective as possible, but I guess I'm not just cut out for that kind of thing haha ;; I hope you enjoyed it, nonetheless. Aian and I are planning to attend this year's Comic Fiesta as well, but I'm not sure if I'll be joining as an official blogger, since I don't think I'm responsible enough for it ehehe. What I do want though, is for Aian to put up a booth so we can sell some of his stuff, like we used to do at Komikon. I find it really exciting, and I want to experience selling merch at an overseas con at least once. But December is still far away, so who knows. We'll see~! ^ 3 ^

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