birthday food coma

February 26, 2014

Celebrating our birthdays by stuffing ourselves silly seems to have become a thing now. Birthday food coma, haha! Happy happy birthday, dear Aian! I'll continue to support you as you chase your dreams this year as well ♥

review : Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Autumn Breeze

February 16, 2014

You might have noticed it by now, but I LOVE orange makeup. Not only am I set on finding the perfect orange blush, I also have a tiny but growing collection of orange lipsticks.

This lipstick, Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Autumn Breeze, is a warm red-orange color. It's a true orange without any pink undertones. I first saw this on my friend Maronne's blog, fell in love, got it for myself shortly after. I was actually torn between getting this one or the other orange shade from EB's Matte Lipstick line, Hot Summer, which is one notch brighter than Autumn Breeze. After spending about five minutes staring at the swatches on the back of my hand, I eventually decided on this one.

Though I find this shade absolutely gorgeous, I can't help but think I should've gone for Hot Summer instead! But for P160 a pop, I might just go back for it. The only reason I haven't done so is because I am not at all used to wearing matte lipsticks. I've read somewhere that they can get chalky and drying over time, so I made sure to slather on a ton of lipbalm beforehand. I'm not sure if it's because of that, but the application looks a bit sheer in the photo, even though I layered it on well. Also, because these Ever Bilena lipsticks are quite cheap, the packaging is cheap as well. My lipstick actually broke (much to my frustration) when I tried to apply it for the very first time, which is why I had to rescue it using this DIY method.

Those issues aside, the color payoff and the longevity of Ever Bilena's Matte Lipstick lipstick can rival those of high-end brands. They have a wide range of shades as well. If you're new to makeup and just starting to experiment with lipsticks, or if you're just looking for a nice budget matte lipstick, you definitely need to look into these.

new in : pastel and white

February 15, 2014

1 Pastel drop-waist dress, thrifted. I was looking for a mori kei dress, but ended up buying a fairy kei one instead. (You can see the outfit post here.)

2 Cream eyelet dress, also thrifted. These types of dresses are quite common, but I found the collar + pattern on this one cute.

3 Punk Rave top, bought off of a friend. Visual kei and rock style clothing almost always come in black, and white pieces are sometimes quite hard to come by, so I snagged this the moment I saw my friend posted it online. Love, love, love.

4 The cuuuuutest cat ear beanie ever. So happy I finally found one that comes in white!

5 Last but definitely not least, BLACKMORAL white T-shirt from CODA!!!! *happytears*

My purchases from December and January. Ever since I sold off almost half of my closet at a friend's garage sale, I've started buying new pieces for my wardrobe. One of my resolutions for 2014 is to stop spending so much on unnecessary things, so I made sure to only buy pieces that are either white or pastel. This way I can save both money and closet space. If I like something, if it's not white or pastel, I put it back where I got it. This method's worked quite well so far; compared to before I've spent significantly less on clothes. I haven't been buying anything makeup-related recently, aside from my Sigma F88, mainly because I want to use up the stuff I have first. I have three eyeshadow palettes, all three are neutrals, so I want to use those up first because I'm pretty sure I don't need a fourth one. Also these days I've been wanting to focus on skincare, so I try not to look at makeup whenever I'm at the mall. The only thing I've bought that's skincare-related is sunscreen though, and I couldn't be bothered to grab it to take photos ;;

What I want to talk about right now though, is my first ever BLACKMORAL shirt aka MY FAVORITE PURCHASE OF LAST YEAR, HANDS DOWN. (Also, the most expensive, wtf. The price of one of these babies is ¥4000, and that's not even including shipping and other fees ; v ; *dies*) For those who don't know, BLACKMORAL is a line of goods produced by Ruki, vocalist of the GazettE, aka my favorite band in the world yo. Every time the GazettE begins touring (usually sometime after an album is released), a set of tour-only goods are released under the name BLACKMORAL. In my opinion, the ones released during the final lives are always the best ones, so I'm really glad I was able to snag this shirt! Special thanks to Sibey, of course, for helping me out!!!! You have all my love and eternal gratitude

style inspo : Crayme, by Yui Kanno

February 6, 2014

Earlier today I was searching the interwebz for a bit of inspiration for my next photoshoot.. which is a maternity shoot, omg. Since my model is into Japanese fashion as well, I thought I'd do something gal-ish. The look I had in mind for the shoot was "pure and innocent," so I immediately took to Google and typed "Yui Kanno" in the searchbar. After going through about a hundred or so Liz Lisa photos, I eventually stumbled upon this cute brand called "Crayme," which, it turns out, is actually produced by Yui Kanno herself.

More than the clothes and the accessories themselves though, what caught my attention were the photos. These are from this season's lookbook. The styling, the set design, the photography, everything looks perfect. (Especially the photos with the sparklers, GAH.) Yui looks perfect in them, as well. If anything, these photos made me fall in love with Yui Kanno all over again. If I could go to Japan and apply as her personal photographer, I probably would.

Check out the rest of the photos from this lookbook here.

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