style inspo : Crayme, by Yui Kanno

Earlier today I was searching the interwebz for a bit of inspiration for my next photoshoot.. which is a maternity shoot, omg. Since my model is into Japanese fashion as well, I thought I'd do something gal-ish. The look I had in mind for the shoot was "pure and innocent," so I immediately took to Google and typed "Yui Kanno" in the searchbar. After going through about a hundred or so Liz Lisa photos, I eventually stumbled upon this cute brand called "Crayme," which, it turns out, is actually produced by Yui Kanno herself.

More than the clothes and the accessories themselves though, what caught my attention were the photos. These are from this season's lookbook. The styling, the set design, the photography, everything looks perfect. (Especially the photos with the sparklers, GAH.) Yui looks perfect in them, as well. If anything, these photos made me fall in love with Yui Kanno all over again. If I could go to Japan and apply as her personal photographer, I probably would.

Check out the rest of the photos from this lookbook here.