November 14, 2013

With all the things happening in the Philippines right now, almost everyday has become quite depressing. What makes it worse are the people sharing the news online. Sharing is okay, but pointing fingers and judging others.. Even going on Facebook has become quite toxic for me. I can't even scroll down once without seeing someone blame the government, or something. It's become too much, really. With that said, all we can do is just do our part, and hope that it's enough. (For a list of ways on how to donate, click here.)

Right now, the only thing distracting me from everything is the GazettE's new album, BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was spazzing over it like a little girl, and now, I finally have it in my hands. What's more, I actually have the Limited Edition. So happy I can cry!!! ;______; Aian got me this as a birthday gift, with the help of our friend Emile (who was nice enough to carry this huge thing the whole time he was in Japan ;______;). Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you x 9999. So so so so happy. I wanted to share how beautiful this album is with everyone, so I decided to take photos while I was unboxing it (for the third time lol). Enjoy!

Here it is, the box! With the GazettE's logo! Just seeing it made me want to cry. It came with a poster, which I forgot to take a photo of lol ;;

Someone hold me ;________;

Goosebumps. All over. How can I say this without sounding too biased..? I can't?? I can't. The packaging is siiick yo.

So beautiful. I cannot say it enough! For those not familiar with the new album, you might not get the meaning behind the beast's head, which is the focal point of the whole album. I'm not sure if my photos did it any justice, but the beast is actually a chimera of sorts, a mix of five different animals representing each member: owl, wolf, tiger, buffalo, eagle. The idea behind this, according to Ruki: "DEFORMITY is what we consider us to be. And from there, I thought of the expression "beautiful deformity." It's supposed to be something like, beautifully disconnected. I thought that's like the five of us. When our five personalities come together, irregularities are born. It's exactly those irregularities that we wanted to emphasize."

So why was the box so huge? Aside from the massive 3D head, inside, there's the CD jacket and..

...a bunch of white cards. There are about twenty-five of these, I think? Or more. I was too busy taking photos to count.
What exactly are all these white cards? Well, I'll get back to that later.

The CD jacket also has the beast motif. The photo is by Hirano Takashi, who has been doing the GazettE's photography since the DECADE era.
He also did the photography for a lot of the GazettE's other albums such as DIVISION and TOXIC.

The inside of the jacket + the CD and DVD. I swear, がぜ visuals will be the death of me.

Going back to the white cards.. I already knew what they were, because I'd already seen scans and such online. When I first opened the box and took out the CD though, I wasn't at all expecting that there would be so many of them. But what are they, really? Well, you know how most albums have inserts with the lyrics..?

It's like that, only in BD the insert isn't just one piece. Each card contains a photo or an artwork depicting something related to the album.

There's also one for each song on the album.

For the song cards, the inside of the card contains the lyrics (this one is for INSIDE BEAST)..

..and when you open it completely, inside is an artwork depicting the song. Amazing, right?

There is also one card for each member of the GazettE.

..each containing a message (this one is from Ruki)..

..and when you open it up completely, you'll see that member's photo. (Ruki-san, you are gorgeous in red, as always ; A ;)

And for everyone's viewing pleasure, I decided to include all the members' photos. Here is my beautiful Uruha-san (*´艸`*)
Uruha-san is my ideal man! For me he's prettier than any girl, handsomer than any guy. If I were reborn as a guy, I wish to be like Uruha-san * A *

Superstar Aoi, whose handsomeness seems to be evading my camera's focus.. I apologize v____v

Reitaaaaaa who has been on a roll lately--- in my book, anyway. In any band, the bassist has always been my favorite, with the only exception of the GazettE. Not gonna lie though, whenever I watch videos of lives, I always find myself looking forward to Reita's bass solos and Ride with the Rockers the most.. and now, with his new song, 鴉 (karasu), he's slowly making his way into my heart.. I'm very afraid he might replace Ussan as my favorite member one day, gasp * A *

I mean, really?? This is your message?? Reita, stop being so cool already! ; A ;

Last but not least, Leader-san! (Leader-san is always so cool~ I kind of miss his BEFORE I DECAY look though, ehe.)

And of course, there's one of the whole band. I love this photo so much! I kept looking at it because it looks so much like a painting.

Aaand that's that! Whew. There's just so much going on in this album, even though I decided not to include everything it took me forever to take photos for this blogpost. If you want to see photos of all of the artwork included in the album, you can find some scans here. Honestly, when news of the price of the Limited Edition came out, even I was skeptical but seeing the actual item in my hands, I can tell you that the price is well worth your money. If you're a huge fan of the GazettE or of visual kei in general, this is a definite must-have. In my opinion though, even people who aren't fans of vkei might want to buy it just for the box alone. The visuals on this one is just amazing, you guys. I'm not sure if my photos did them any justice. I hope you at least think that they did!

And I know I've only talked about the visual side of the album up to this point, but the songs themselves are just as great. I've read the interviews about BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY and have been following Ruki and Aoi's tweets the whole time it was being made, so I know how much work was put into it, from the sounds, the words, and the overall flow of the album. I know it's hard to believe coming from me, but this album might just be one of the best that the GazettE has released ever. I mean, this is the first time I've ever liked all of the songs in an album. All of them. Aian's not even a fan of GazettE, and even he liked the whole album as well. My favorite songs are FADELESS, LAST HEAVEN, and 鴉 (karasu). Those are my favorites, but I also have INSIDE BEAST and THE STUPID TINY INSECT on constant repeat. I've had my friends who aren't fans of the GazettE listen to BD, and 鴉 (karasu) and THE STUPID TINY INSECT seem to be quite popular. I can go and ramble on and on about each of the songs like a proper fangirl, really, but I'll stop here // w //

If you'd like to get your own copy of BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY, you can get them from CDJapan. Click here for the Limited Edition, and here for the Regular Edition. If you're from the Philippines and a fan of the GazettE, I know that getting physical copies of albums from Japan (or anywhere else, for that matter) can be quite expensive, so if you can, please support the band by downloading BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY from iTunes here. It only costs $6.99, or roughly PhP300+ for the whole album. The band has already started touring overseas, and one of the ways to get them to notice us fans from the Philippines is by purchasing their albums, so if you can, then please do so. This band has helped me get through so much just with their songs, so this is my way of showing my support.