bubblegum princess + August 23rd outtakes

August 27, 2013

Lace top c/o Chicnova, Candy Kawaii Lover skirt, Princess Bubblegum tattoo tights, platform sneakers c/o Rainbowholic Shop, Taobao Manila spiked headband and choker.
Surprise! Raven black hair! Well, not that it's really a surprise. If you've been following my recent posts on Twitter and Instagram, then you should already know that I've been flooding everyone with photos of my new ultra-black locks. What do you think? I love it. A lot. I thought I'd regret it once I finally did it, but I didn't. Though I kind of wish I didn't go and get my hair chopped off before I had it dyed.. but what's done is done. Also, I think my hair looks much healthier this way, so it's alright. More importantly, I love how it complements my white/pastel outfits! It's decided. I'm getting rid of anything that isn't white or pastel. I'm still keeping my black pieces, but only a handful maybe. Ah, I don't know. I'm too excited to think about it right now, really. This new change is probably one of the best things I've done this year, haha!

streetsnaps : Yapo Nightroad

August 18, 2013

Topshop top, Bershka pants, Underground creepers, OS Accessories cap, Urban Outfitters bag, Taobao Manila choker.

Hello hello, Yapo! Finally got to take photos of this girl, after being friends for more than two years now! I've even witnessed her transformation over the years-- from her gyaru phase to her aomoji-kei phase to her now current all-black style. Even so, I can't believe I've only gotten the chance to take snaps of her now. But hey, better late than never right?

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you should already know I love this girl and her style so much ( ´艸`) These were taken the same day as we all went to ATC to hang out, and when Aian and I shot our joint outfit post. That was before Yapo decided to bleach her hair, so now these photos aren't so relevant anymore wtf ( ; A ; ) Need to meet up with her again soon!

** If you're a blogger / artist living in or visiting Manila, feel free to leave your links in the comments below! (Or if you're shy, you can just email me - hello@chainyan.co) I'd love to meet new and unique individuals to take photos of and feature on my blog.

goodbye summer

August 15, 2013

Gifted top, lace shorts c/o Romwe, Topshop ankle socks, chunky heels c/o LovelyWholesale, accessories from Taobao Manila.

Recently I've been letting go of a lot of things from my closet. This mostly includes florals (there was a time that I was obsessed with them) and pretty much anything that I used to wear a lot before but can't think of any reason to wear now. I've already sold off a lot of my then-favorites, even though a lot of the times I was second (and third and fourth and fifth and..) guessing myself. But I realized, I'll eventually find that I like more (I will, right?), so it's okay to just let go of them.

Right now, I've decided that when buying clothes, I will absolutely not buy anything that isn't white, cream, pink, lavender, or black, unless the situation calls for it. Other pastel colors are okay, as long as I -really, really- like a particular item. If it's just on a whim, then no. As restricting as it may seem, I think that it's a good thing to keep in mind, because at least now I'm sure of what I really want my wardrobe to look like. I just need to keep at it. *pictures self as a fanciful unicorn*

// And on that note, if anyone (local readers only, so sorry!) wants anything from my closet, feel free to take a look at my blogsale here. I'd really appreciate if you gave my babies a more loving home, ehe. Thank you so much! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ✧

purple x purple

August 10, 2013

Purple, two ways.

A: h.ANARCHY top, BENCH/ jeans, RL shoes, chain accessories from Taobao Manila.

C: T-shirt c/o SammyDress, and skirt c/o Chicnova, tights from Princess Bubblegum, platform sneakers c/o Rainbowholic Shop, Izzoshop camera satchel, Mameshipamyupamyu iPhone case + other accessories from Taobao Manila.

What we wore last August 2nd. Aian and I met up with our friends Jaro and Yapo at ATC, and we thought it'd be a good chance to take photos for a joint post again, so we dressed up just a tiny bit more nicely than usual. This would be our idea of matching couple outfits, I think. Just sort of matchy-matchy, in contrasting styles and different shades of purple ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

review : GEO Xtra WT-B95 Grey Lens

August 9, 2013

Today I'm reviewing one of two lenses sent to me by LensVillage. I've actually had these lenses for two months now, but I only got around to opening them a couple of weeks ago. They are Xtra WT-B95 Grey Lenses * from GEO ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

image change + Kawaii International feature

August 4, 2013

Thrifted Alice in Wonderland dress, striped stockings c/o Choies, AsianVogue creepers,
Wear Vintage glasses, necklace c/o EIKA Accessories, Izzoshop Molly camera satchel

Just a few quick snaps of my outfit from last Thursday night. I'm still not used to my new "image" so do pardon me if I look a bit weird from time to time. I've always looked cutesy in all my photos, so trying to look just the tiniest bit more mature without losing my cute side (..did I just blatantly call myself cute?) is quite a bit of a challenge for me. What do you think?


Also, this is super late, but one of my outfits (that I never got to do a proper post of) was recently featured in a TV show! More specifically, NHK's Kawaii International * ^ * This was shown a week ago, but I managed to get a decent screenshot only now, hence the late post. Big, big thanks to the people over at Best of NHK for uploading the full episode! ♥ ♥ ♥

Yay screenshot!! One of the best 5 seconds of my life _(:3 」 ∠)_

It was shown at the end of Episode #14, "Kawaii in Tokyo & Paris", in a short section called "Kawaii Summer Outfits Around The World"~ I got to see a huge version of the photo on TV for five whole seconds, it was so funny lololol.

Deer dress c/o SheInside, Candy Kawaii Lover stockings, platform sneakers c/o Rainbowholic Shop, Accessorize flower hairclip

Since I never got around to posting this, here's the photo that got featured + a breakdown of what I was wearing! Because I made it out to be a summer outfit, it was super simple, but I liked it a lot since it shows the "bittersweet style" that I like so very much. Sweet, but not overly girly. Haha. So happy to be featured!! Thank you Kawaii International ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ

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