what in the world is aomoji-kei?

May 10, 2013

This is, I think, the one question I've been asked a lot ever since I changed the way I branded myself and my blog (from Little Forest Girl → Oh My Little Girl). Some of you may remember that I said I won't be labeling my style as mori girl, as I felt that that would be quite restraining, and decided to just call it 'aomoji-kei'. But what is aomoji-kei, really? I've been asked this question more times than I can count. So today, I decided to finally clarify a few points about aomoji-kei. Please do remember that this is only my understanding of things. I am in no way an expert on the style and I don't claim to be one. I'm just sharing with everyone what I know and everything that I've learned, heard and read through different aomoji-kei sites, variety shows featuring the style, and magazines. Anyway! According to its Japanese Wikipedia page:
aomoji-kei fashion is a girly, casual fashion that isn't meant to curry favor with men. Compared to those who support akamoji-kei, those who wear aomoji-kei fashion tend to like fashion from Harajuku more than the gyaru fashion originating from Shibuya, and have a strong tendency to like casual, creative fashion. Its level of support mainly comes from late teens to early twenties who adopt the fashion based on the things they think are nice without caring about the viewpoints of the opposite sex.
Simply put, aomoji-kei is all about wearing whatever you want to wear. It's about dressing up for yourself, and not for others. There are no set rules, and trends tend to play only a small part in dressing up. It's more about what the wearer thinks looks good or feels like wearing. The reason why there's isn't definitive look for it is because people who are into aomoji-kei tend to switch between different styles that they like.

fuwafuwa time

May 4, 2013

Flower lace top c/o Chicnova, Lowrys Farm skirt, Candy Kawaii Lover stockings, Asian Vogue creepers,
angel eye necklace c/o Romwe, cherry hairclip from Taobao.

How do you like my current style? I've finally decided that I'll be sticking to only pastels and muted colors from now on. This way, my wardrobe won't seem like a hodgepodge of clashing styles. Also, I've taken quite a liking to white and cream recently. I kind of feel like I'm returning to my mori girl phase (not that it was a phase to begin with). I do really like the sweet, girly look.. and I've become quite attached to aomoji kei and kimokawa (weird-cute) style.. so maybe instead of forest kei.. forest-fairy kei? Haha. I'm making things up, but what do you think? (♡´▽`♡)

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