fuwafuwa time

Flower lace top c/o Chicnova, Lowrys Farm skirt, Candy Kawaii Lover stockings, Asian Vogue creepers,
angel eye necklace c/o Romwe, cherry hairclip from Taobao.

How do you like my current style? I've finally decided that I'll be sticking to only pastels and muted colors from now on. This way, my wardrobe won't seem like a hodgepodge of clashing styles. Also, I've taken quite a liking to white and cream recently. I kind of feel like I'm returning to my mori girl phase (not that it was a phase to begin with). I do really like the sweet, girly look.. and I've become quite attached to aomoji kei and kimokawa (weird-cute) style.. so maybe instead of forest kei.. forest-fairy kei? Haha. I'm making things up, but what do you think? (♡´▽`♡)