Face Your Demons opening night

April 4, 2013 No comments

March 21st was the opening night for Luisa's first solo exhibit, Face Your Demons, at Big Bad Wolf. I was there throughout the whole thing (mostly, anyway), helping with the shooting (but really, all I did was hold up a reflector and a flash gun). And oh, moral support. Tons of it. I also got to model for one of the setups, which is pretty cool. The whole process was fun as well, tiring as it was. Though I can't complain, I only did a fraction of the work after all, lol. Most of the credit goes to Luisa and Kreame, who both did amazing stuff. I'll write about that soon as well. For now, some photos from opening night..

Facing our demons. Left to right: Clarisse, Yapo, myself, Donna, Jessa, and Maya.

Ina and Maronne of The Cheapskateers! I love these two to death.

Isobear doing a live painting session.

I really like how all the photos turned out. Donna's is my favorite one.

More Isobear, just because!

One of the very few photos of Luisa and myself, taken by Red Rivera. It's funny that we almost never have photos of the two of us, even though we're almost always together. I did manage to take selcas on my iPhone though! Yay.

Signing Luisa's guest book. I'll leave this up for your interpretation, lol.

Best photo of Isobear. Ever.

Yay Julie!

Finally got to meet Monica, who I'd been stalking on Tumblr since God knows when. Too bad Afianne wasn't there though.

Baby Clarisse couldn't make it to the opening night, sadly. She was the youngest one out of all of us models.

Aian took a photo of my butt wtf.

Photos of my photo and with my photo. Chai-ception? Haha.


The photos have already been taken down, but I think Luisa will be posting them online soon. I'm not quite sure. But if you'd like to see more of her work, you can visit her blog here. Or you can check out her portfolio, and her Facebook Page.

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