artbooks and magazines from Japan

November 22, 2012 No comments

Aian's artbooks~ m3wver.9+CE + Blade of the Immortal

Zipper Magazine 03/12 + KERA Magazine 02/12

Mori Girls Interior Magazine (for Allie) + Zipper 10/12

Ayano Go x NinaMika photobook + HARAJUKU KAWAii!!!! Girls

Mori Girl Lesson 4 + a cute cuccia tote bag freebie!

So today we finally received a long-overdue parcel from Japan (after almost a year, I think!), yay! Long overdue, because I kept failing to pay for the remaining fees on time ;; But thankfully the lovely people over at Eiwa Manga Store were quite understanding and gave me more than enough time to pay, ehe. Thank you so much, as always for the service! * u *

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