Tokyo Cafe + bowling date

August 27, 2012 No comments

The last time I set foot on a bowling alley was in 2007, way back in my first year of college. I chose 10-pin bowling for PE then, since bowling is one of the very few sports that I knew. I really like bowling, but it's been years since I last played, so when Aian asked if I wanted to check out the bowling alley in SM MoA, I was really excited and nervous at the same time.

Before bowling we had lunch at Tokyo Cafe. It's our favorite place to eat when in MoA. We always order the Teriyaki Chicken Salad, always. It doesn't matter what else we order as long as we get the salad. Haha! We also had the Pork Shogayaki, Strawberry Orange Shake and a Matcha Milkshake. It was my first time trying the matcha shake. It was really yummy! It was more milk than matcha.. but that's how I like my drinks, milky and sweet.

Final score: 37 - 82. Heh. We only played one game but I was so tired afterwards. My thighs actually started hurting in the middle of the game, wtf. I completely blame it on my sedentary lifestyle. Back in college we used to play 2-3 games and I wouldn't be tired at all! My current body = old woman body. I had fun though! I even asked Aian if we could go back soon. Hopefully sometime this month we can, and with friends this time!

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