school girl fantasy

August 7, 2012 No comments

Fun한Couple oversized jacket, from Greenhills button-down top, from BF Ruins cropped top, Lowrys Farm shorts,
OASAP tassel creepers, Dark Sweet Soul spike headband, gifted orb watch from Aian.

Was in the Vito Cruz area a few days ago to do a couple of errands that needed to be done before the Tumblr Fair (which I will blog about soon). I figured I could use being in the area as an excuse to visit Noriter again. Noriter is a Korean café near DLSU Taft. It's a cute little place with really nice coffee and cakes. I used to visit the place quite often in the past, with friends from CSB, but ever since Aian's move to the South about a month or so ago we haven't had many chances to visit.. so I'm really happy that I got to drink their caramel macchiato again.

Realized only as I was typing this entry that my outfit looks somewhat like a schoolgirl uniform. Or at least I think so, anyway. My favorite parts of this outfit are my spiked headband, which was made by my awesome friend Setsuna of Dark Sweet Soul, and my shoes, which are a gift from OASAP. OASAP currently has this program called the Fashion Hunter Program where you can get freebies in exchange for a post on your Lookbook, Chictopia or Blogspot. For more details, click here. If you have at least 300 followers in even just one of those three platforms, then you should definitely join :)

*** In other news, it's been raining non-stop for the past week.. more than a week now, actually. I haven't seen the sun for days now. A huge part of the country is now submerged in flood water. Aian and I are doing fine, but not everyone here is so lucky.. I really hope the rain stops soon. Praying all of my friends and readers from the Philippines are all doing okay as well. Stay safe and dry, everyone!

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