July 2012

Late post, but I guess it's better than not posting these at all. Random photos from the month of July of this year. July was fairly better to me than all the other months that came before it, I think. I'm slowly recovering from the all the combined heartbreaks of the past months. August is the same. I've received a number of (very unexpected) opportunities and happy surprises in just the first couple of weeks. Thank You, Lord, for everything.

I'm pretty sure many of you have heard about the recent events that happened in the Philippines. We've been experiencing a lot of rain for the past week, and what's scary is that it's not that the rain was heavy, it was just non-stop rain almost the whole week. In just a few days, a huge part of Manila was left submerged in flood water. Aian and I were fortunate enough to be living in areas that weren't affected by the flood, but a lot of people weren't as lucky. So if you can do anything help, anything at all, please do! Here are just a couple of ways you can:
  • Local - You can donate goods (usable clothes, food, water, etc.) or volunteer at a nearby relief center. Click here to see the list of places accepting donations and/or volunteers. If you can't leave the house, you can also donate cash via SMS or GCash. (Click here, then scroll down.)
  • International - You can donate cash via Paypal to the Philippine Red Cross. (Click here to find out how.)
The rain still hasn't stopped completely, but the monsoon has pretty much subsided. What scares me the most right now though is that there's already news of a new rainstorm coming. Crazy! Please pray for everyone in the Philippines. I want to see the sun shining and the sky clear and blue again!