little dreams + Sharaku Interpreted

July 28, 2012

"When I dream, sometimes I remember how to fly."
-- Sandman: Brief Lives, Neil Gaiman

we can start again from the beginning

July 24, 2012

Thrifted top, sandals, beret, and bag; vintage skirt; Accessorize tights; gifted necklace and orb watch.
A couple of weeks ago I asked Aian if we could drop by Ayala Museum to visit Sharaku Interpreted, a recently-opened exhibit featuring Japanese contemporary artists' interpretations of Sharaku wood block prints. Because Aian's been really busy with work, I'd already told him that we can just visit whenever he gets a bit of free time. We finally decided to visit last Thursday, but to our surprise the exhibit was closed because of an ongoing event at the museum. What really bad timing! :( Good thing Aian was able to buy tickets for The Dark Knight Rises earlier that day. The movie was really good! I liked the second movie more though. And there were parts where I couldn't understand anything Batman was saying, wtf. But overall it was a really fun day! I really missed hanging out in Makati with Aian.

About that day's outfit.. I blame it all on this song. Ever since watching Crows Zero II I've been overly fixated on one of the people in the movie, Ayano Go. And after a bit of stalking, I stumbled upon that PV by MEG. The song is so cute! And the lyrics are all in French. I've been playing it on constant repeat ever since.

futuristic imagination

July 20, 2012

h.Naoto cardigan, gifted lace top, thrifted shorts, Accessorize tights, AsianVogue creepers, Firmoo sunglasses.
Last July 15th, I went to Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street to pick up my copy of Kafka on the Shore, finally. I decided to go with a more casual outfit at the time. That cardigan is my favorite, by the way! It's my first ever h.Naoto item. h.Naoto is one of my favorite Japanese fashion designers! Aian and I love him. I bought it a few years back and it's become one of the most loved items in my wardrobe ever since. And because the size is Men's medium, Aian and I share it. Though recently it spends more time with him than it does with me, lol. I'm also wearing my super cool new round sunglasses from Firmoo. I've been seeing more and more Harajuku streetsnaps that feature these glasses, so I got a pair of my own! The outfit is Zipper-inspired, by the way! (○´∀`○)
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