Southern Stories

April 30, 2012 No comments

Hello everyone. I realized I hadn't posted anything for almost a week now. So sorry. I intented to write a few days ago but because of health reasons, I wasn't able to. But I'm a bit better now, so I'll share with you a few photos from Southern Stories, an exhibit I attended at Heima Makati last Saturday, April 28th.

In collaboration with Heima, Charles Buenconsejo and Aleyn Comprendio's two-man show entitled, “Sea Sun and Sky” and "We’d Seen Each Other In A Dream”, is an exhibit of analogue and film photography. The photographs revolve around their childhood, nostalgia, nature, honesty, and stories from the south. "Southern Stories" is the combined title of the two exhibits, much like a book with two sides with varying points of view. This exhibit also defines some of the themes of the current summer season for Heima.
I'd been a silent fan of Aleyn's for quite some time in the past, and only got to talk to her about a year or so ago, if I remember correctly. Even now, I'm still very much a big fan of everything she produces. So even though the exhibit was on the same day as a Sketchy's event, I knew where I had to be that night. I wouldn't miss seeing Aleyn's work in person for anything! I wish I had the money to buy one of her pieces though. Sadly, I'm not rich enough to be collecting art just yet ;;

Charles Buenconsejo's work. His photos made me feel very nostalgic. This one in particular caught my attention the moment I went inside Heima.

Aleyn's work. So pretty! When I hear the words soft and dainty, Aleyn's photos are the first thing that come to mind.

A personal favorite from Aleyn's work. Love, 1936 -- a series she shot solely with an Instax Wide.

Our favorite things inside Heima. I wanted those dragonfly cups, while Aian wanted the stuffed Heima Owl. Haha!

Say hello to Aian, my exhibit-going-companion forever!

Irene and Val. Stole a few shots while they were looking at prints.

With Aleyn! We were both a bit unwell that day but for some reason in this photo I'm the only one who looks sick, haha! Aleyn is still pretty as ever.

Paul with his now-purple hair + OS Spinal Cord Harness

Raleene + Rizza Cabrera, aka the Walkie Talkies :) I only stayed for one song, I Miss You by Incubus. They were a-ma-zing.

** If you have time, go visit Heima at the 3rd floor of LRI Plaza, Bel Air II, Makati City! Southern Stories will be up and open to the public until the end of May :)

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