late anniversary dinner + crossing two years

Last week, Aian and I had dinner at Little Tokyo for our much-delayed anniversary celebration. Our second anniversary was actually a couple of months ago, the 29th of March, but because of our schedules we weren't able to celebrate on the day itself.. or the weeks after that. We initially planned on doing something different to celebrate the event-- go to Manila Ocean Park, or maybe Enchanted Kingdom, or something. Something we both don't usually get to do. But because of both time and money constraints, we ended up having a quiet little dinner at our usual place at Hana, Little Tokyo instead.

We sat at our usual place outside of Hana, but this time minus the okonomiyaki from Kagura. Instead we had Salmon Sashimi, Salmon Creamy Maki, California Maki, Cubic Steak with a side-order of rice, and Aian's favorite Melon Kakigōri with ice cream on top. For a celebratory dinner, I know it isn't quite as glamorous, but it's how we like it. I think the reason why we keep coming here for all our special occasions (we had dinner here for both our birthdays as well) is because we just love the ambiance and the food so much. Also, because the simplest things make us happy. Food makes us happy! I think a huge part of our relationship is centered on food, haha!

This was Aian's gift to me. After all this time, I still think anything Aian makes is amazing. (Even though someone commented on his dA that I looked like a Pidgeotto in this illustration wtf (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻) I think the biggest thing that's making this relationship work is the way we try and help each other to grow, both as artists and as people. It's really important that you have someone who understands and supports what you do, and I'm very thankful and glad that we have each other for that. I couldn't ask for a much better person to spend all my days with, really.