March 2012

April 2, 2012 No comments

Photos taken during the whole of March. I think I took more photos last month than January and February combined. I'm still feeling pretty tired from the whirlwind that was March. Let's see.. taking photos of Glorietta's exterior, trying out milk tea from Serenitea (I still prefer Gong Cha!), dog-watching at Bonifacio High Street, my first attempt at using a film SLR, hanging out with friends during a rainy day, seeing a high school batchmate's work in an exhibit (Ready-made China Girls), finally watching Paprika with Aian, Spidersilk Productions' second exhibit Acid Asylum, shooting with Dear Prudence in Daranak Falls, playing with tigers, dinner at Little Tokyo for our 2nd anniversary, and the perfect end to an amazing month-- Dr. Sketchy's Philippines x Acid Asylum sesh featuring Jooley Cola & Dr. Chaste St. James! So much art and love and happiness. Though April means I'll be going back to my usual hikkikomori self, I'm very much content :)

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