caramel macchiato hair

January 29, 2012

Romantic Fiona top, PIROUETTE Tiffany top, vintage shorts, AsianVogue creepers, Folded&Hung satchel, gifted orb necklace.
Two-tone hair again!! I know the internet has had just about enough of ombre hair, but I figured now would be the right time since almost everyone on Zipper's been doing it! I'd been meaning to bleach the tips of my hair for the longest time, but I kept putting it off because I was told that getting my fried hairtips cut first before bleaching would be the best way to go. Only problem is, I didn't really have the time and money to get my hair cut at a decent salon (I didn't want to have my hair trimmed just anywhere, for fear of having it cut too short). So when I saw a box of Tony Moly's Berry Trendy Hair Bleach in one of the shelves at SM Makati, I thought that it was a sign to finally do it. It was really cheap, I think it was P148 for a box. I took a chance and bought just one box to try it out. If I'd known it would go so well (and that I'd run out of the product midway, lol) I would've bought two or three! (Next time!!) The result was pretty uneven, but I'll fix that soon. I still have to figure out how to dye my roots brown without getting the product on the blonde parts, too. Just a little more and I'll finally get my coffee and milk tea two-tone. Ultimate dream hair!

dinner at Little Tokyo

January 18, 2012

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Dinner at Little Tokyo with Aian last week. I just love our dinners at Little Tokyo. It's always the same whenever we go. I always get the same *doki doki* feeling, kind of like what heroines in shoujo manga would feel. A bit dramatic, but that's how much we love that place. We had our usual order of modern-mix okonomiyaki from Kagura at a table outside. The only thing different was that this time Aian decided to get Hana's melon-flavored kakigōri, instead of our usual california maki. And, well, let's just say now we know why the Japanese are so obsessed with melon-flavored things, heh.

moshi moshi! harajuku girl

January 15, 2012
Thrifted knit jacket, Romantic Fiona top, Mon Petit Boudoir lace top, Lowrys Farm skort, AsianVogue creepers, Folded & Hung satchel, gifted glasses and glass orb necklace.
What I wore yesterday. (Aian and I went out to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.) Also, an attempt at cult party kei! Honestly, cult party is one of those subcultures that I really didn't get when I first found out about it. All I knew was that it was a spin-off of dolly kei and I never really bothered to learn anything more about it. But now I'm liking the style more and more! It's a really nice alternative to mori girl, as they both share a lot of common points. Super cute, too!

sweet love trap

January 12, 2012
Liz Lisa dress (worn as top), Love is.. capelet, thrifted maxi skirt, Accessorize socks, AsianVogue creepers, flower headband from Yapo, Rilakkuma bag + orb necklace from Aian
What I wore last Saturday. I chose to wear a longer skirt than usual because I've been getting attacked by mosquitoes a lot recently. And I thought if we were going to UPD, where the number of mosquitoes would be x 99, I should wear a long skirt. I wanted to take photos in UPD for this outfit, but unfortunately we had very little time because we still had to take photos of everyone. But these photos taken by Aian are still really nice!


January 6, 2012
Protect me from what I want. Protect me, protect me.
Looking back at the last three shoots that I did for 2011, it occurred to me that in one way or another, they all represented feelings that have collected in my heart over the past years. It's amazing, really, because I never planned any of these shoots to follow any themes. It was just me asking a friend if we could shoot, and everything just kind of fell into place.

What I particularly like about shooting with Donna is that she's game for virtually anything; I texted her asking if we could shoot the day before, and we had the shoot literally just hours after we'd agreed upon it. Aian and I went to her place at around 4 in the morning (which was why I initially wanted to call the set "satellite hour" -- long story), and we finished the shoot at around 7 or 8. I took about a hundred or so photos that day (I almost never do that with anyone anymore). These are my very best ones. I hope you like them.
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