caramel macchiato hair

Romantic Fiona top, PIROUETTE Tiffany top, vintage shorts, AsianVogue creepers, Folded&Hung satchel, gifted orb necklace.
Two-tone hair again!! I know the internet has had just about enough of ombre hair, but I figured now would be the right time since almost everyone on Zipper's been doing it! I'd been meaning to bleach the tips of my hair for the longest time, but I kept putting it off because I was told that getting my fried hairtips cut first before bleaching would be the best way to go. Only problem is, I didn't really have the time and money to get my hair cut at a decent salon (I didn't want to have my hair trimmed just anywhere, for fear of having it cut too short). So when I saw a box of Tony Moly's Berry Trendy Hair Bleach in one of the shelves at SM Makati, I thought that it was a sign to finally do it. It was really cheap, I think it was P148 for a box. I took a chance and bought just one box to try it out. If I'd known it would go so well (and that I'd run out of the product midway, lol) I would've bought two or three! (Next time!!) The result was pretty uneven, but I'll fix that soon. I still have to figure out how to dye my roots brown without getting the product on the blonde parts, too. Just a little more and I'll finally get my coffee and milk tea two-tone. Ultimate dream hair!