A Walk in Tokyo

September 21, 2011 No comments

Last Sunday was magical. I was given the chance to work with some very talented people on a fashion show that featured the different subcultures of Japanese street fashion. I was, of course, asked to represent mori girl. I didn't give it a second thought. I've been in love with J-fashion for the longest time, so it was pretty much a no-brainer.

The fashion show happened at SM Mall of Asia, on a Sunday. On top of that, it was on the same day as the Best of Anime event AND the Manila International Book Fair AND SM's 3-Day Sale. So yes, there were a looooooot of people. Add that to me getting only less than four hours of sleep the night before, absolutely zero practice before the day itself, one of my shoe straps coming off a few minutes before the show, and a chronic case of stage-freight and you get.. me = a huge puddle of awkwardness and nerves. But I knew that I had to bring the fierceness on stage (else Cat will have my head), or at least fake it til I was able to complete my walk. And I managed to do a clean walk, without tripping or anything. Thank you, Lord!

I think everyone did a fantastic job on the runway. And now, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

All photos, save for the portrait ones of Donna, are by Aian, who came to support me before and during the show. (His being there lessened the nerves a bit, so thank you!) I apologize for the lack of decent group photos though. Didn't get much; apparently some boyfriends think that as long as you're in the photo, it doesn't matter if everyone else is cropped out.

The mori girl ensemble that I wore on the runway was designed and created by Cat de Jesus. (The photos do not do it justice, the whole thing was a labor of love!) Make-up is by my lovely friend Mara Herrera. I also wore the Blended Crème de la Crème Lolita Wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs. Everything else—stockings, socks, shoes, accessories—is mine.

I have to congratulate everyone on the team for doing such an amaaazing job. Cat, who designed and put everything into making most of the clothes; Luie, who assisted Cat in doing almost eeeeeeverything; Cyril, who wasn't there but provided a couple of the dresses; the make-up artists—Mara Herrera, Lhen de Jesus-Ong, Clarisse Castillo, Ralph Garcia, and Marquezza Rodriguez—who did a great job on everyone; Luisa, who did the hairstyling for Donna for what seemed like eons and provided Leny and myself with wigs; Marko, who did the voice-over for the show; Ms. Ten and the staff of Ayala Museum for the support and for providing us with what we needed for the show; Ian and Sese, who spear-headed the whole project and pulled me into all this madness; and of course everyone who modeled and put a lot of their time and effort into the whole thing, not to mention working the runway even with little to zero sleep the night before! (Though I'd like to specially thank the four who I personally pulled into this: Yapo, Akane, Jin, and Neji. Thank you girls! I couldn't have chosen better people to represent your styles than you did.) Thank you for all your hard work!

And to everyone who came to watch and support us during the show, thank you very much! It really means a lot to us ♥

A Walk in Tokyo is part of the complementary exhibition programming for Zero In X: A Decade of Collaboration, showing at SM MOA until September 24. This fashion show was held to also promote the world touring exhibit called Manga Realities. The exhibit will be running from August 16 to October 02, 2011 at the Ayala Museum located at Makati Avenue corner de la Rosa St. Greenbelt Park, Makati City.

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