you come beating like moth's wings, spastic and violently

Enigma cape, pual ce cin dress, thrifted skirt, Liz Claiborne sandals, Wisdom glasses, DIY medicine bottle necklace
Been having a bit too much fun with layering clothes recently. Ever since I've come to the realization that me + maxi skirts are a perfect combination, I decided to raid my mother's pile of clothes for any long skirts that I could get my hands on. This lovely skirt from India is my favorite. It reminds me a lot of Mara, one of my most favorite friends who is a gypsy slash mermaid princess in my eyes. Mara is, actually, one of my biggest influences when it comes to fashion as I'd been seeing her wearing and layering natural style clothing for much longer than I've been into mori girl. She has a thing for clothes with ethnic prints and/or that have a bohemian vibe and I'm pretty sure she'd go crazy for this skirt when she sees it. We rarely see each other now but whenever I see this skirt now it makes me think of her. I miss her!