rom&nd mini-haul + quick reviews

romand mini-haul + review |
Finally, finally posting about these! As a K-beauty junkie I've always been curious about rom&nd as a brand. Luckily, rom&nd has become a lot more accessible ever since they opened an official Shopee store! I picked up two items December last year, then two more during Shopee's 5.5 sale. I'll probably make full reviews for each of these in the near future, but for now I'll briefly go over everything and talk about what I liked and didn't like.

After I fell into the personal color rabbithole some years ago, I've had rom&nd in my want-to-try list because they seem to really know their colors. Which is to be expected since the creator, makeup artist and Youtuber Saerom Min, is also a certified color consultant! It's great that they have a lot of options for both warm and cool tones.

romand mini-haul + review |
My rom&nd purchases! From top to bottom: rom&nd Better Than Cheek in 07 Pear Chip, rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick in 09 Shell Nude, rom&nd Zero Velvet Tint in 10 Fever, rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in 02 Ruby Red

romand mini-haul + review |
rom&nd Better Than Cheek in 07 Pear Chip
A soft beige blush with a matte finish. This used to be limited edition, but was brought back as a permanent color due to popular demand. I bought it thinking it might be a good addition to my very small blush collection. I only have three other blushers, two of which are shimmery oranges (surprise). To be honest I'm not too crazy about this one. The formula itself is great—super smooth, buildable, and even has a bit of a blurring effect. But while the color is very beautiful, on me it feels a little bit...lacking? I think it's just that I prefer brighter colors on my face. These days I've been using this more as eyeshadow! And when I do wear it as blush, I mix it with a brighter color.

romand mini-haul + review |
rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick in 09 Shell Nude
Starting with the lightest out of the three rom&nd lip products I own. This is the one I was most excited about, unfortunately it is the patchiest out of the three. I find it so hard to apply evenly. I bought this to use as a base lip, but no matter how much I prep my lips the color doesn't seem to want to go on evenly. I've found that the best way to apply this is by dabbing it onto the lips and building up the color, rather than swiping it on. Sadly though I can't use this for the intended purpose, because my lips are a bit too dark (my lips are naturally brown-purple toned). When I apply this on top of my lips concealed with base makeup, then apply another color on top of that, if I'm not careful I run the risk of taking off the already existing layers of product. And if I don't conceal my lips the color runs more pink, so it feels a bit useless, because I got it specifically because it's a beige lip. So sad. It's such a pretty color, too. A lot of people like this though. It's probably just not a good match for me.

rom&nd Zero Velvet Tint in 10 Fever
I've always been curious about the Velvet Tints, so when it went on sale I caved and got one! After spending hours watching numerous swatching videos, I decided to get 10 Fever. When swatched it is such a beautiful coral color, but on my lips it runs more pink ??? so I was a little disappointed. If I wear it on top of my favorite Innisfree tint it looks closer to the official swatch, but still leans more pink than orange. Not what I expected, but it's pretty and brightens up my face so I like it. Texture-wise it's velvety, just like the name. I like that it has a blurring effect. It doesn't dry down super matte, which I actually prefer, but this also means it's not transfer-proof/mask-proof. Overall I really like this tint. I initially wanted to try more colors from this series, but then rom&nd recently came out with a new line, the Blur Fudge Tints. Apparently it's an upgraded version of the Zero Velvet Tints. The warm-toned colors from the new line look a lot more appealing to me, so I might try those instead!

rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in 02 Ruby Red
Lastly, the Juicy Lasting Tint! I wanted to get a brighter color this time, so I chose a color that's recommended for Spring Warm tones, 02 Ruby Red. Whenever I see this tint I'm instantly reminded of Red Velvet's Red Flavor MV for some reason, haha! It's a pretty grapefruit color that reminds me of summer. Super pretty. Just wearing it makes me feel good. Again, because of my natural lip color, when I wear it the color is different from the swatch, but this has just enough orange in it so it doesn't turn completely pink like the other products I tried. But still, I like to cover my lips with a bit of base makeup when I use this just so the color shows up properly. Honestly I was a bit unsure if this color would work because overly bright colors don't suit me. But because the texture of the Juicy Lasting Tints is similar to that of lipgloss, I can control just how opaque I want it to be. I can also blot the tint to take some of the color away and I would still be left with a nice natural tint. And even though it feels like a gloss, it's not at all sticky, which is a big plus! If you're the type that prefers tints over liquid lipsticks, I highly recommend trying this one.

romand mini-haul + review |
The color of the tint/stain is the same color and undertone as the product itself, which is a plus for me. Years ago most lip tints all left bright pink stains as the actual color wore off, which I really didn't like. In order of staying power, it's Zero Velvet Tint > Juicy Lasting Tint. The Juicy Lasting Tint wears off slowly throughout the day so you'll need to reapply every few hours. Not sure about the Zero Matte Lipstick, since I only use it as a base.

And that was my mini-haul! Overall, I like the products that I got. The quality of rom&nd products are great for their price point, so there wasn't anything I really disliked about them. I could have chosen better shades for some of the products, yes, but I think the fact that I can still use all of them is a good thing. Even the Zero Matte Lipstick, although a bit difficult, I'm still able to make it work when I want it to, so it's not a complete dud. Would I repurchase any of these products? In different shades, definitely. I just wish there were a physical store in Manila where we could swatch everything so picking out shades would be much easier! There's still a bunch of rom&nd products I want to try; hopefully I can review more from this brand in the very near future. Let me know if there's any other rom&nd products you've tried or are interested in trying and I'll check them out! 💜

You can find all these on the official rom&nd PH shop here. If you live outside of the Philippines, you can get them from Olive Young Global here. Use my code CHA1NYAN to get 5% off on your order! 💕

By the way, I wanted to say this. I'm active on Instagram, but for this blog, I might not be able to update again until next year (the holiday season always tends to be slightly chaotic for me), so let me take this time to greet everyone—Merry Christmas, friends! And a Happy New Year. I'll see you all in 2022. Enjoy your holidays! 🎄💖✨

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