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makeup favorites 2020 |
I realize 4 months into the new year is a bit too late to be posting about last year's favorites, but you know...time is a social construct, etc. I actually posted a quickie version of this on Twitter last December, but because it was the end of the year I was too tired and too lazy to gather my thoughts into one coherent post. So here it is, months later ๐Ÿ˜… These are all the makeup products I loved in 2020. Not necessarily products I bought that year, but products I reached for a lot and sparked the most joy whenever I used them! ๐Ÿ’œ

makeup favorites 2020 |
Canmake Color Mixing Concealer*
The only base makeup item that made it to this list. It's a concealer palette that comes with three different shades that you can mix according to your needs. It's very convenient. It's a medium coverage concealer, but is buildable and covers blemishes and dark scars well. Lasts long and doesn't fade throughout the day. I've used MAC and NYX pot concealers in the past but I felt those were a bit drying, so I prefer this one. This is Pony-recommended, too! She uses this in a lot of her videos. For reference, I use 02 Natural Beige. I'm somewhere around NC25-30, which is around #23-25 in Korean shades.

makeup favorites 2020 |
KATE Tokyo Eyebrow Pencil A
I dyed my hair brown late 2019 so I had to change most of the products that I used for my brows. This one is BR-3 Natural Brown. I started using this because it was the only brown eyebrow pencil I had with me at the time. Eventually I came to love using it. I like making the tail of my brows sharp so the 1.5mm tip is super useful! I just wish there was more product, because you get such a small amount (0.07g) for the price.

Canmake Color Change Eyebrow*
When I dyed my hair I felt that just filling in my brows with brow pencil or powder wasn't enough. I started using this brow mascara to make my brow color lighter, just so the whole look feels more cohesive. Even now that my hair's back to its original color, I still use this for my brows. I use 03 Cocoa Brown (like here) or 05 Ash Brown depending on my makeup. When my hair was still a brighter shade of brown, I used 01 Maroon Brown.

makeup favorites 2020 |
Favorite eyeshadows! They're all glitter/shimmer shadows because I like looking like a disco ball IRL ๐ŸŒŸ

Innisfree My Eyeshadow Glitter 14 Deep Rose Gold
One of my favorite makeup purchases EVER. I bought this after seeing it on so many Korean beauty gurus' videos, and it hasn't left my makeup bag since. Just as the name says, it's a pretty rose gold color with very fine glitters. It's a color that can go with a lot of different looks, so no matter what eyeshadow combination I do I always manage to add this to the mix. Sometimes I use it alone for no-makeup makeup looks, too. Personally I feel like it's more on the subtle side of the glitter spectrum, but even so, I get asked about this eyeshadow a lot whenever I wear it. Definitely recommend this for glitter lovers like me!

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Cattitude + Puppuccino (LE)
Part of the Colourpop Together Furever Super Shock Shadow Foursome. Every year Colourpop partners with NKLA to release a limited edition collection, and all net profits from the purchase of the products go to Best Friends Animal Society. These were from the 2018 release. There are four shadows in the collection but I mostly just use these two. I really love the smooth, creamy consistency that Colourpop's Super Shock Shadows are so well-known for. Compared to the Innisfree, these are ABSOLUTE GLITTERBOMBS. Puppuccino, the warm copper shade, is a little bit harder to blend out though, so out of the two, I like Cattitude more. Plus, Cattitude's light gold color is a lot more versatile, so I get more use out of it. I use it for highlighting my inner eye corners and under my eyes. I even use it as a face highlighter!

Etude Look At My Eyes BR402 Takeout Without Syrup
One of Etude's most popular single shadow colors. This shadow is actually part of two of their Play Color Eyes palettes—In The Cafe and Caffeine Holic. BR402 is a warm bronze color with a shimmery finish. I like that it doesn't have too much red in it, unlike most bronze shadows I've tried before. I use this for the outer corners of my eyes, and sometimes for going over my eyeliner. It's actually wearable even as a main color. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry to finish my makeup, I just swipe this using my ring finger from the outside corner of my eye blending inwards. Great for no-fuss one-color eyeshadow makeup looks!

makeup favorites 2020 |
EGLIPS Lively Liquid Glitter Shadow 01 Milky Way
Super SUPER fave. It was love at first sight when I swatched it at Watsons in KL. I can't believe I didn't buy more colors when I had the chance! The glitters are really fine but are SO SPARKLY. I use this for highlighting under my eyes. Sometimes I put a dot under my eyes without blending it out and it's super cute!

makeup favorites 2020 |
Here's a look I did using all the shadows mentioned above! I used Cattitude on the tip of my nose and on my cupid's bow, too. After learning more about the concept of personal color, I came to understand that the reason why I never liked wearing deep/dark colors for makeup is because they make my face look dull. That's why I've been sticking to champagne, coral, and soft brown shadows ever since. The darkest color I own right now is chocolate brown, but I rarely use it. When I do, I only ever use it for the outer corner of my eyes. I find that the combination of the 5 shadows I mentioned above works best for me. My fail-safe makeup combi ๐Ÿ’œ

makeup favorites 2020 |
Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Advanced Film
Hands down the best mascara I've ever used. This is my second tube of it in black, and then I picked up the brown and liked it a lot too. Years ago I couldn't even be bothered with mascara because I'm lazy and I thought it wouldn't make much of a difference anyway. This mascara changed my mind completely. I have really short, straight lashes and this makes them look so long. Keeps my lashes curled the whole day, too. Plus it is SUPER WATERPROOF. I wore this during the screening of ฮผ's Final LoveLive! and even after hours of crying my mascara was still intact. Perfect for a crybaby like me. The only downside is that it's RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT to remove. I have to use a double-effect eye makeup remover plus an oil cleanser to remove everything. It's funny because I bought the Advanced Film version thinking it would be much easier to remove than the actual Super Waterproof version, but I don't think there's much of a difference, lol.

makeup favorites 2020 |
Canmake Powder Cheeks PW25 Sugar Orange
My favorite blush for 3 years and counting! It's the exact shade of peachy orange that I want in a blush, so I always find myself reaching for it. Satin finish with tiny shimmers. The shimmery finish gives you a nice glow, which I really like. It looks 100 times better in real life than it does on my swatch, I promise.

makeup favorites 2020 |
Last but not least, fave lip products! Basically just varying shades/levels of peach and orange ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŠ๐Ÿงก

Canmake Lip Tint Jam 02 Mango Jam*
My go-to lip tint for no-makeup makeup looks! The texture of the Canmake Lip Tint Jam is a lot like its name—it really is like jam! It's like a water tint, but it feels moisturizing like a lip balm. It's not sticky at all, and the tint stays on for quite a long time. In the bottle and on the swatch it looks red-orange, but the color is actually not as intimidating on the lips. The orange looks very juicy and fresh, so it's great for natural looks. I like wearing it alone, or as a base before I apply other lip products.

Clio Rouge Heel Velvet 08 Touch Moment* (DC)
The color that opened my eyes to the wonders of beige lip colors. When I was still new to makeup one of the trends that I tried was nude lipstick. I tried quite a few but they all seemed to make me look like I was sick, so I just gave up on it entirely. It turns out that beige lipstick was the way to go for me! I wouldn't know this until much later, haha. The Rouge Heel Velvet in Touch Moment is a peach beige color that's beautiful either on its own or as a base. The Rouge Heel Velvet line in general is great because of their velvety texture, which is a dream to apply. I reviewed a few other colors before, but Touch Moment is my absolute favorite.

Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink 06 Faded Beige Tulip
A lip product that I didn't like at first, but I slowly grew to love. At first I thought Faded Beige Tulip looked a lot like Touch Moment, but it actually leans more orange-brown. Unlike Touch Moment though, I personally can't wear this alone because it feels lacking (my face is quite low-contrast), so I always use this as a base. When I use this as my base it makes any lip color I put on top of it look warm, which is why I love using it.

Peripera Ink the Velvet 05 Inktude Rose* (DC)
From the old Ink the Velvet line, which has since been renewed. Inktude Rose is a beautiful rose color that's bright, but not in-your-face bright. I got three colors from this line but I only ever used this one. The only thing that I don't like about this color is that even if it appears warm-toned, it leaves a pink tint when it fades. I think all of the old Ink the Velvet tints had this issue, which is why they renewed the whole line. Because it fades pink, I don't wear this alone. I wear this on top of Faded Beige Tulip, which help solves the problem of the pink tint. Sadly, when Peripera decided to renew their Ink the Velvet line, they also discontinued a lot of the original shades. They did keep a similar color, which is Celeb Deep Rose, but because there are a lot of newer lip tints coming out these days, I probably won't be buying it.

makeup favorites 2020 |
And that's it for my 2020 makeup favorites! You probably noticed that I didn't include a favorite foundation. It's because I kept switching foundations in 2020. My skin got much lighter because of staying indoors, so now none of the shades of my HG Revlon Colorstay match me anymore. I tried other foundation brands, but I haven't found a good replacement yet, because color-matching is a nightmare. I'm hoping I find one soon!

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